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Product Purchase Process Survey Template

The product purchase process suggests the steps followed by a customer to finally buy the product. A standard procedure of product purchase involves identifying customer demands or requirements, research, analysis of various choices and pre and post purchase evaluation. By editing the product purchase process survey template, you can ask the customers when did customers purchase the product, which model of the product did they purchase, source of obtaining information about the product, whether the purchase was online or offline, reason to make the purchase, preferred product features etc. Understanding customer demographics is also an important part of the product purchase process sample survey. You can edit the demographic elements of this survey example according to the required details such as age, region, family income, gender, etc.

I purchased this model in:
I purchased this model at the following store:
I learned about this model from:
I decided to buy this model:
I decided to buy this model because of:
I like the following features:
I purchased this model:
If this purchase was not your first set, the previous one was used for:
Before I purchased this, I compared it with:
My family income is:
Marital Status
State, ZipCode
Email Address

Why conduct a Product Purchase Process Survey?

The process of product purchase starts from identifying customer needs, selecting the right sources to cater to those needs, establish a bond with the customers, delivering the chosen products and ends at payment.

Here are 5 reasons for conducting a product purchase process survey:

  • Market researchers conduct product purchase process surveys to understand which month did customers purchase it, the model they purchased and other information related to the product. By conducting this survey, mapping customer journeys in the product purchase process becomes easier.
  • According to the received information, marketers can curate a product marketing strategy to promote those products which seem to be not as popular as the other products.
  • Collect information about customer preferences related to various product features. By doing so, feature priorities can be decided so that similar features can be regularly introduced in the product line.
  • In case there is scope of enhancing customer service to streamline the product purchase process survey, it can be identified using this survey template.

Best Uses of Product Purchase Process Survey

  • Insights about customer purchase details to analyze the trend in buyers to create a buyer’s persona for better targeting.
  • Gain clear, data-oriented understanding on what prompts customers to choose your company instead of your competitors.
  • Gain time-bound customer journey profiles by periodically sending this survey to your customer profiles for future activities.