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Purchase Process and Evaluation Survey Template

Gasoline Purchase Process and Evaluation Survey template is designed to collect meaningful insights regarding gasoline purchase and usage. The survey template consists of 20 plus questions that a researcher can use to collect insights from anybody who uses gasoline to pump their cars. There are questions in this sample survey that ask the respondents give their opinion on gasoline purchasing habits, rising gas prices and what they think are the probable reasons for the steep jump in the gasoline prices.

This survey is about gasoline purchasing and gasoline prices.
In general, do you feel that gasoline prices are:
If you believe gasoline prices are too high in your area, what are some reasons for those high prices?
Thinking about the last several years, how often do you buy premium grade gasoline?
What is the most important reason for purchasing premium grade gasoline?
When you need to purchase gasoline, do you most often purchase it:
Think about the gasoline station you go to most often. Is it closer to
About how many minutes does it take to get to the gas station you go to most often?
Again think about the gas station you go to most often. What are some reasons this gas station is your favorite? (Check all that apply)
In an average month, about how much does your total household spend on gasoline?
Do you have a gasoline card?
About what part of the amount you pay for gasoline is spent using
Gasoline cards
Other credit cards
Other payment
What are the three best features you would expect to get with a gasoline card?
Which of the following age groups do you fall into?
What is your marital status?
How many of your children do you have living at home?
How many of these children have a driver's license?
Just approximately, which income category best describes your total annual household income?
Thank you for participating in this survey.

Why conduct Gasoline Purchase Process and Evaluation Survey?

It is easy to understand why gasoline is important to us in our daily lives. Without gasoline most of the transportation system will come to a standstill. In this survey template important questions related to gasoline pricing and purchase are incorporated.

  • This survey has questions related to identifying gasoline purchasing habit and evaluation regarding gasoline prices, reasons for purchasing specific grade of gasoline.
  • This template accommodates demographic questions that can help researchers analyze and gather meaningful insights regarding gasoline use at various demographic levels.
  • QuestionPro’s Gasoline purchase process and evaluation survey can be conveniently customized to suit the needs of a researcher. Questions can be added or deleted depending on their need in the survey.

Best Uses of Gasoline Purchase Process and Evaluation Survey

In this survey the respondents are asked questions to understand their stand on gasoline prices and their opinion on what should be the price cap for gasoline prices. Questions related to demographics is also asked to get a clear understand about the participants.

Here are some of the best uses of the survey:

  • By deploying this survey, a researcher can collect information regarding what gasoline grade are people most likely to buy.
  • Through this survey, researchers are most likely to know in details the spending habits of the participants related to purchasing gasoline and whether they use gasoline cards or use any other form of transaction.