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Demonstration survey questions + sample questionnaire template

Demonstration Survey Template by QuestionPro includes questions and examples of different categories. This questionnaire sample can be edited according to the required question types such as rank order, multiple choice question, net promoter score question etc.

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First, you can access ready-made surveys from our survey library or make your own custom survey.

This short survey demonstrates some of the different capabilities of QuestionPro
Example: Multiple Choice Question
This question can also be formatted for questions that use pick 1 of n answers, exactly k of n answers, or as many as k of n answers. Scales may be arranged horizontally or vertically and the presentation of answer items may be randomized to control order bias.

Please indicate the type of surveys you are most interested in creating (Pick as many as 4 of the 16 choices):

Example: Rank Order Question

Answers may be randomized to prevent order bias and ties may be allowed.

Next we would like to know about the target audiences that are most important for your survey.

Please rank the following audience groups in order of the liklihood of you surveying them. Place a 1 next to the group most likely, and then 2 - 5 next to the other groups in order of their importance.

Web Site Visitors
Special Market Segments
That concludes our sample survey...
You have seen Text input, multiple choice, constant sum, rank order, and branching questions.
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