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Nonprofit donor feedback sample questions and survey template

Donors are always ready to support the cause of your nonprofit organization. Strengthen the bond with your donors with this ready to use, free donor feedback survey template. Use this questionnaire to engage your contributors, and collect vital feedback and insights about their satisfaction levels. Understand the issues they face while making donations and take steps to smoothen the process for them.
You need to reach out to donors through various communication channels like television, radio, the internet, SMS, etc. Collect insights into what channel works best for you to attract donations and understand the areas you can capitalize on to collect feedback.
This nonprofit donor feedback survey template consists of questions targetted to understand your donors better and connect with them efficiently. Interact with your contributors and understand their perception with your brand to capture their views about using your products and services. Every donor is important to grow your nonprofit organization - irrespective of the donation amount they contribute. Ensure to communicate with every donor through this survey to ensure the longevity of your nonprofit organization.

Considering your complete donation experience with our nonprofit organization, how likely would you be to recommend our organization to a friend or colleague for donations?0 Very Unlikely to 10 Very Likely
Very Unlikely
Very Likely
Where did you hear about our fundraising activities? Choose all that apply.
What level of impact do you feel your donation makes?
Rate the difficulty level of the donation process
How well were you explained about how your donations will be used?
Why did you choose to donate to our organization?
How many times have you donated to our organization?
How aware are you about our nonprofit’s mission?
How likely are you to donate to our cause again?
Do you think the organization has done enough to recognize your donation?
How would you like to know more about our future fundraising efforts? Choose all that apply

Top four reasons for using this free donor survey questionnaire

It’s no mystery that donors are extremely essential for the success and longevity of nonprofit organizations. Here are four reasons why you must use this survey template to collect feedback from your donors.
1. Make donors feel special: Donors expect nothing in return but it is always a nice gesture to keep them engaged. Following up with them after they have donated is a good way to express your gratitude and make them feel special.
2. Improvement strategy: Collect responses form contributors to understand loopholes or shortcomings of the donation process and build strategies to overcome these challenges.
3. Increase visibility to attract more donations: Link your donor satisfaction survey to your website and other social media channels to grow your visibility and create awareness about donations.
4. Spread your nonprofit mission: How effective do you think your organization is in terms of its own advertisement? Find out how aware your donors are and take steps to build more awareness around your organization to attract more donors.

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