Employee Safety Survey Questions + Sample Questionnaire Template

Employee Safety Survey consists of questions that will help an organization collect feedback and necessary information from its employees regarding workplace safety. In this sample survey template organizations can ask questions that will help them understand how the employees in the organization purview their own safety. This questionnaire is designed by experts and can be customized to suit the business needs of an organization.

Employee safety has been on top of the agenda for most organizations. Infact organizations today are ready to go out of the way to support their employees and offer them a safe work culture and environment. It is important for employees to feel safe at the workplace. This fosters a culture of trust within the organization. It’s not only about physical safety of the employees, it’s also about providing them with health and safety training related to their professional requirements.

In this survey organizations can know, if their employees are at par with these trainings and if they have any further requirements of the safety drills etc. that will make them feel safe at work.

1. Based on your experience regarding employee safety, how likely are you to recommend your friends and colleagues to work with us?
Very Unlikely
Very Likely
2. Please select your years of experience with this organization
3. Please select your job title
4. Please select your department
5. Please select the most appropriate answer option
Strongly disagree
Strongly agree
My safety at work should be the priority for my organization
I am aware of my building’s evacuation plan
I have been provided with health and safety training
I am a certified first aid trainer
I was given a walk-through for safety measures during my on-boarding
There are security cameras installed in the premises
There are security personnel managing the premises 24*7
I am regularly reminded by my manager to practice safety at work
Cabs drop us home if we work till late at night
6. Please let us know if there is anything else we can do to improve employee safety.

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