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Evaluation of Potential for E-Commerce Services Survey

E-commerce has evolved to be one of the most preferred mediums for shopping. Perform an evaluation of the potential for e-commerce services using a survey template about the e-commerce website and the services offered. This sample survey can also help you with competitor analysis of the quality of the website, reasons for visiting the website, ease of navigation, etc. By customizing this survey example, you can get customer ratings for website attractiveness, efforts put by them to find your website, website content, and visual appearance, challenges for operating the website are integral to make improvements on the website. Collect data to find out the ways to offer your visitors a great shopping experience.

Thank you for taking the time to complete the survey. The survey will take about 5 minutes. The responses from this survey will be used to improve the functionality of the [COMPANY] site. In addition, detailed comments and suggestions on how we can improve the site can be forwarded to the webmaster at [EMAIL_ADDRESS]. Thank you.
Please rank (1-5) the following in order of preference in our website:
Less Load Time 
Interesting Images 
Good Information 
Easy Access
Tell us how often you visit our site.

Please tell us why you visit our site (please check all that apply)?
Several state agencies have moved on to e-commerce, that is, conducting business on-line. If [COMPANY/AGENCY] provided a website, would you take advantage of conducting the following [AGENCY] businesses online?
How attractive do you find our website?
How much effort did you have to take to find our web site?

Please rate the below features as compared to other e-commerce websites:
Very good
Not sure
Visual appearance/layout:
Writing style:
From your experience, what do you find to be the biggest challenge with using our site?

Did the menu of items on the home page make sense to you?

How did you hear about the website?
Do you have suggestions on how we can improve our website?

Why conduct an evaluation of potential for e-commerce services survey?

An e-commerce services website is expected to be flawless for the transactions that occur on the website. Know if the customers had a smooth journey while purchasing a product.

Was the entire e-commerce shopping experience pleasant for the visitors? - Get answers to this question by conducting a potential e-commerce services survey.

For example, if you intend to improve the customer experience on your e-commerce website, you can edit this sample questionnaire and send it across to all the people who have recently visited your website.

You can get feedback about what changes in the menu can be done for enhancement, collect suggestions for improving or expanding the existing website, improve the user-friendliness of the website, etc.

Understand from the customers their reason for visiting your website and the time spent on it. Collect information of all the people visiting your website with the purpose of retargeting them for future marketing activities.

In case an agency is yet to establish a website, you can understand customer expectations and demands using this sample survey.

In terms of visual appearance, content and writing style, or any other parameters, analyze customer ratings of your e-commerce website in comparison to the others.

Understand whether it took a lot of effort to reach your website or was it easily accessible so that you can make necessary changes to make your website more readily available for prospects.

Best Uses of Potential For E-Commerce Services Survey

The question examples in this questionnaire sample as per customization requirements for research and branding to get information from the e-commerce website visitors about the convenience of placement of various tabs, ease of finding the website, and other such aspects to understand how well-received is your website.

Ask questions about the challenges customers face after reaching your website to improve the website quality or functionalities.