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June 6th, 7th, and 8th, 2022

Lead with insights to support your customers, your employees, and the world of tomorrow.

Research Monday | June 6th

All times are in Central Time (UTC-5)

10:00 AM Keynote with Matthew Seltzer
The Muse: Research's Real Role, and Outputs for Inspiration

The owner of S2 Research, which is a market research and strategy partner for ad agencies and marketing teams. Matt spent four years as the Senior Research Analyst for the What Happens in Vegas campaign. Today, he partners with agencies to deliver surveys, focus groups, and overall insights when their clients need it.

11:00 AM Product Showcase

QuestionPro's Research Suite offers a growing selection of advanced features designed to help you collect faster, smarter, and more efficiently from an unlimited number of respondents.

Join us for a live demo and Q/A session to learn how you can use our software with tips and tricks that will save you time collecting data while increasing the quality of your results.

- Randomization and Organization
- Data quality and Extraction
- Video discussions
- Backroom chat
- Moderator view

12:00 PM Raise your QA game with the power of QuestionPro. Here are 5 things you may know but probably don’t.

Learn how QuestionPro can unlock the full potential of your data. Join us in a demo of our newest and most used features and see how it can help you create better research and insights.

12:15 PM Engaging the Next Generation of Panelists: QuestionPro's commitment to inclusion, better practices, and representation.

Learn about our mission to help organizations gather relevant insights and build strong customer relationships using inclusive solutions accessible to everyone.


CX Tuesday | June 7th

All times are in Central Time (UTC-5)

10:00 AM Keynote: Leading Futuristic CX Now

We may not have made it as far as the Jetsons predicted but we are well on our way to a future where that must be informed data. If we are already collecting the data now, why shouldn’t we be already acting on it like it’s the future?

Join Dana Alvarenga, VP of SlapFive, and find out why the customer-oriented approach will continue to be adopted by many organizations, today and in the years to come.

11:00 AM CX from a Global Perspective

Lead with insights for your customers, your employees and your future. Insights can influence every part of your business. From growing your teams, to building product lines, and inspiring the vision that will lead your company to impact the world of tomorrow, don't let insights be ignored.

12:00 PM Product Showcase

What’s new, what’s coming, and what you might have missed inside QuestionPro CX? Join President of CX, Ken Peterson, as he showcases the up and coming CX platform feature updates and brand new products. Featuring: Outer Loop, Reputation, Inner Loop, NPS+, and more! There will be a Q/A at the end!

1:00 PM Live @CXForums!

Stay tuned for a surprise guest speaker, streaming live from CX Forums: Chicago Experience Summit!


Workforce Wednesday | June 8th

All times are in Central Time (UTC-5)

10:00 AM Inspiring a Human-Centered workplace

What is a human-centered workplace and why does it matter? Dan Riley illuminates the history and critical importance of creating a human-centered workplace. He explains how organizations must foster a change mindset to create a sustainable human-centered culture. .

11:00 AM Work@Life: Get your career in SHAPE

Join us for a special live recording of the Work@Life podcasts with hosts Sanja Licina, PhD, and Maddie Grant, and a very special Guest, Dr. Candace Steele Flippin.

Dr. Flippin is a communications executive, best-selling author, and multigenerational workplace scholar. Her mission is to help women accelerate their career growth so that they can achieve the careers they need, want and deserve.

She joins us as she launches her newest book: Get Your Career in SHAPE: A Five-Step Guide to Achieve the Success You Need, Want, and Deserve.

12:00 PM Product Showcase

Leaders are being asked to do more than they have ever been before. Are they ready? Join us for a lively discussion between Sanja Licina, President and Pat Levergne, Director of Sales of QuestionPro Workforce as they talk about the best way to support leaders and how our 360 feedback platform (with a quick demo!) can be a key pillar for their success.

12:30 PM Stay for a Giveaway!

We will have a special wellness giveaway for attendees who registered for Workforce Wednesday through this landing page. Register for a chance to win!


Meet our speakers

Dana Alvarenga VP Customer Experience slapfive-logo
Dr. Candace Steele Flippin Author candace-logo
Matt Seltzer Founder s2-research-logo
Dan Riley Co-Founder radical-logo
Sanja Licina PhD. President, Workforce questionpro-logo
Ken Peterson President, Customer Experience questionpro-logo
Crystal Wiese Director of Marketing questionpro-logo
Dan Fleetwood President, Research & Insights questionpro-logo

Previous speakers

Lilah Jones Head of Corporate Sales google-logo
Marissa Sison, PhD. Manager - Market Research and Insights verizon-sm-logo
Nune Hov Director, Lux Insights lux-insights-logo
Manjiri Patwardhan Head of Client Success, NEPA NEPA-logo
Stephanie Leung Manager, Strategic Advisory: Business Health, Riot Games
Romi Manajan CMO, HouseAmp houseamp-logo
Ray Poynter Founder, NewMR newmr-logo
Al Adamsen Founder, People Analytics | Future of Work pafow-logo
Timothy Keiningham PhD. J. Donald Kennedy Endowed Chair in E-Commerce, St. John's University stjohnsuni-logo
Angela Culver Group VP, Marketing & Measurement
Bill Trovinger Senior Customer Insights Manager, Private Brands
Kyle Hudson Former Director, Team Marketing & Business Operations
Terah Putman Director - Next Generation Insights
Andrea O'Leary Ph.D. Senior Director, Culture & Change
Maddie Grant Culture designer, PROPEL propel-logo

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