HR Effectiveness Survey Questions + Sample Questionnaire Template

HR effective survey template is designed to collect feedback from employees regarding the effectiveness and performance of Human Resources department. This sample survey template consists of questions that will help an organization understand the basic functionality of the HR department, their communication within the organization, their abilities to resolve issues and more. This questionnaire is designed to suit the business needs of an organization and can be customized accordingly.

Human Resources department is considered to be the backbone of functionality for any organization, in any industry. HR is responsible for managing the human capital of an organization, to timely communicate to the employees any changes in policies and procedures, recruitment, leaves, appraisals etc. This department needs to be proactive and enthusiastic about making the human capital run smoothly so the organization can function effectively. This sample survey template will help you collect feedback from your employees regarding the functionality of HR.

1. Considering you experience with Human Resources in this organization, how likely are you to recommend your friends and colleagues to this organization?
Very Unlikely
Very Likely
2. Please select your gender
3. Please select your current job title
4. What department are you currently working in?
5. How responsible has HR been to your questions?
6. Does HR reply to your emails?
7. Please select an appropriate answer option
Strongly disagree
Strongly agree
HR has been instrumental in improving work environment
HR evaluates the policies periodically
HR helps in conducting events and other activities in the organization
HR keeps employees updated with changes in policies
8. Did HR behave professionally with you while addressing your concerns?
9. Overall how satisfied are you with the functioning of HR?
10. Is there anything else that you would like to add to improve the overall HR experience?

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