Pre-Training Survey Questions + Sample Questionnaire Template

The pre-training survey template consists of questions that help an organization collect information from its employees about what their training requirements are. This sample survey template is designed with different sets of questions to gather complete information from the respondents. This questionnaire consists of 10 questions and can be customized to suit the business needs of an organization.

1. Based on your overall experience with the organization, how likely are you to recommend your family/friends to this organization?
Very Unlikely
Very Likely
2. Please select the department you work in 
3. Do you have line management responsibilities?
4. How long have you been associated with the organization?
5. List the type of training you have received in this organization
6. Please select the relevant topics that reflect your most important training needs 
7. Please rate your degree of knowledge for the following 
No knowledge
A little knowledge
Some knowledge
Good level of knowledge
Fully knowledgeable
Not applicable
Understanding written content in work-related documents
Paying attention to what people are saying
To provide the right feedback to colleagues
Knowing how to ask the right questions
Addressing critical issues in the right manner
Understanding other’s point of view
Recognizing and rewarding hard work
Knowing how to facilitate constructive communication
Working effectively in a changing environment
Knowing how to be flexible and open to new ideas
No knowledge
A little knowledge
Some knowledge
Good level of knowledge
Fully knowledgeable
Not applicable
Getting things done in a timely manner
Have a complete technical understanding
8. What should the training achieve for you in terms of professional development?
9. What is the appropriate number of participants in a batch?
10. How would you like to use the learning from your training to excel in the workplace and in personal life?

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