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Community is a web-based gathering place where the members can meet to discuss, post reviews, brainstorm new ideas and engage with each other regarding the company's product, service etc. The customers can use the communities to post the reviews and enagage with the company in real-time.

Why do I need Communities?

Creating a community and inviting people to be a member of it serves various business and marketing needs. For example, you can create a Community and invite your customers to become a member of it. This will help build personal relationships and network with the clients. Which will ultimately earn their trust and can be helpful in building a healthy relationship with them.

For more information on communities, please check the following URL :

What is Send to Community Members?

Send to Community Members option is used to distribute any survey to any particular community members directly from the Surveys tab.

Where can I access this option from?

To access this option go to:

  • Login >> Survey >> Send >> Community
  • Here you will be able to view all your communities.
  • Survey Software Help Image
  • Click on New Invitation button next the the community which you wish to send the survey to.
  • In the pop-up window fill the details
    • Email Template: Select the email template to send the survey.
    • Respondent Count: The respondents would be chosen from your community based on the number provided here.
    • Points: Specify the completion points.
    • Survey Length: Specify the time limit for the survey
    • Click on Send Email Invitation
    • Survey Software Help Image
      Survey Software Help Image


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