SurveySwipe - Frequently Asked Questions

SurveySwipe is a community based mobile research platform that allows your opinions to be heard. When you install the SurveySwipe mobile application, you will receive occasional surveys from the communities you choose to be part of. We ask you that you answer those surveys in good faith and we will do our best to reward you accordingly.

What benefits do I get for taking the surveys?

There are many tangible and intangible benefits for taking the surveys and providing feedback. We will be sending out general purpose feedback requests like real time feedback on the State of the Union address. When we collect data from people from all over the world we will publish the results with free sophisticated reports so that you can compare how your feedback ranks against other people like you. We will also partner with the communities and organizations that you are part of to make sure that your opinions are heard.

In addition to this, you can receive tangible benefits like Amazon Gift cards and paid iPhone applications for free. We are constantly working to provide different varieties of rewards including promotional offers from your local merchants. If you have any feedback on the kinds of rewards you would us to consider - you can contact us here.

How do I get started?

There are two ways to get started. You can contact our partner communities and sign up through them or you can directly go to your mobile app store and download the SurveySwipe mobile application. We have mobile applications for iPhone, Android, Blackberry (coming soon), Windows Phone 7 (coming soon) and Symbian (coming soon) smart phones.

How do I earn more rewards?

You can earn more rewards by referring your friends to SurveySwipe or by taking more surveys. To receive more surveys, you can update your profile and join more communities. To join more communities, go to Communities tab in the SurveySwipe application and pick the communities you want to join.

Can I ask my community to integrate with SurveySwipe?

Yes absolutely and if you do so, as a token of appreciation we will credit customer referral points to your account which you can use for redeeming rewards as explained earlier. Please use this form to Contact us if you think your community would benefit by integrating with us.

What about privacy?

We take our privacy seriously and do everything in our power to make sure that we provide your full control over your privacy. For the most recent privacy statement please view our privacy statement. In addition to this, you can at any time fully unsubscribe from our service.

How do we integrate with push notifications and location information?

We will send you push notifications when we have interesting surveys you can take. We will use location information to provide you with rewards from your local merchants. We do not sell your location information to third parties. Please refer to our Privacy statement for more details.

How do I download the SurveySwipe mobile application?

Please visit our downloads page to install the SurveySwipe application.

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