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Customer Satisfaction on Ocean Park Hong Kong Surv

Customer Satisfaction on Ocean Park Hong Kong Survey

Hi! We are helping Ocean Park Hong Kong to collect opinions from its visitors. We would like to know how you think about its attractions and entertainment i.e. the new opened section “Amazing Asian Animals”, the choices of entertainment and facility are sufficiently provided. Your opinions would help the management of the Ocean Park to consider speeding up the development of the coming projects land expansion as well as providing services that suite your needs better. It will take about 5 minutes. Please be assured that analysis will be performed on an aggregated base and no cased will be univocally examined.

Thank you very much for your time and support. Please start with the survey now by clicking on the Continue button below.

您好! 我們為香港海洋公園收集到訪者的意見. 欲從中得知您對海洋公園的吸引處和娛樂. 例如: 新開設的亞洲動物天地, 娛樂設施選擇是否已經提供足夠. 您所表達的意見會為香港海洋公園的管理層更有效運用資源, 以及提供稱心如意的服務. 此問題需時5分鐘. 在此非常感謝您的支持.

Did you visit to Ocean Park Hong Kong in the past 12 months?
在過去十二個月間, 你曾否到訪香港海洋公園?
Why did you not visit Ocean Park Hong Kong? (Can choose more than one)
你不到訪香港海洋公園的原因? (可多於一項)
Do you agree the ticket charge of Ocean Park Hong Kong is reasonable? (Adult $208, Child $103)
你是否同意現時香港海洋公園的門票收費合理? (成人$208、小童$103)
How many times you have been visited Ocean Park Hong Kong?
Why did you visit the Ocean Park Hong Kong? (Can choose more than one)
你到訪香港海洋公園的原因? (可多於一項)
Please rank the Park’s “Attraction & Show” in your order of preference. Place the number 1 next to the most preferred, 2 by the second choice, and so forth.
請按照你的個人喜好把以下公園之景點及表演排列序, 並將你最喜歡的景點及表演列為號碼”1”, 其次為號碼”2”, 如此類推
1.Amazing Asian Animals (e.g. Giant Panda Adventure, Goldfish Treasure) 亞洲動物天地 (如: 小熊貓, 金魚寶殿)
2.Low Land Gardens (e.g. Cable Car, Giant Panda Habitat) 綠野花園 (如: 登山纜車, 大熊貓園)
3.Whiskers Harbour (e.g. Whiskers Harbour Skill Games, Merry-go-round) 威威天地 (如: 攤位遊戲, 旋轉木馬)
4.Tai Shue Wan Entrance (e.g. Flamingo Pond, The Aviary)大樹灣入口 (如: 紅鸛池, 百烏居)
5.Marine Land (e.g. Ocean Theatre, Sea Jelly Spectacular) 海洋天地 (如: 海洋劇場, 水母館)
6.Headland Rides (e.g. Crazy Galleon, The Dragon) 山上機動城 (如: 沖天搖擺船, 瘋狂過山車)
7.Adventure Land (e.g. Mine Train, Raging Water) 急流天地 (如: 越礦飛車, 滑浪飛船)
Satisfaction of the facilities 遊樂設施的滿意度
I would like to know your satisfaction of the facilities in Ocean Park Hong Kong.
Poor 非常不滿意
Bad 不滿意
Fair 一般
Good 滿意
Excellent 非常滿意
Q1.1 Facilities of restroom 公園的衞生設備
Q1.2 Environment of the Ocean Park公園的環境舒適
Q1.3 Size of the Ocean Park公園的面積
Q1.4 Facilities of rides 公園的遊戲設施
Q1.5 Options of dining公園的餐廳選擇
Q1.6 Transportation來往公園的交通配套
Q1.7 Types and Style of rides公園的遊戲種類及款式
Q1.8 Direction guide公園的指引標誌
Q1.9 Queue time of rides公園的遊戲輪候時間
Did you visit the Ocean Park new opened “Amazing Asian Animals” in the past 2 months?
在過去兩個月間, 你曾否到訪海洋公園新開設的“亞洲動物天地”?
Why did you not visit the Ocean Park new opened “Amazing Asian Animals”? (Can choose more than one)
你不到訪香港海洋公園新開放“亞洲動物天地”的原因? (可多於一項)
Satisfaction on the facilities of “Amazing Asian Animals” “亞洲動物天地”設施的滿意度
I would like to know your satisfaction on the facilities “Amazing Asian Animals”
Poor 非常不滿意
Bad 不滿意
Fair 一般
Good 滿意
Excellent 非常滿意
Q1.1 Hygiene Matter 動物天地的衞生情況
Q1.2 Environment of its area 動物天地內的環境
Q1.3 Size of its area動物天地的面積
Q1.4 Direction guide inside its area動物天地內的指引標誌
Q1.5 Queue time of entry 動物天地進入輪候時間
Overall Image
The overall image and service of Ocean Park Hong Kong
Poor 非常差
Bad 差
Fair 一般
Good 好
Excellent 非常好
Q3.1 Hospitality of staffs 公園的員工服務態度
Q3.2 Sanitation Level 公園的衞生程度
Q3.3 Image of Ocean Park 公園的形象
Q3.4 Service of dining 公園的餐廳服務
Q3.5 Facilities of games 公園的遊戲設施
Do you remember the marketing campaign of Ocean Park Hong Kong?
Attraction of marketing campaign
Does Advertising, Promotion and Public Relation
廣告, 促銷 及 公共關係
Poor 非常不足夠
Bad 不足夠
Fair 一般
Good 足夠
Excellent 非常足夠
Q4.1 Advertising campaigns for “Amazing Asian Animals” “亞洲動物天地”的宣傳活動
Q4.2 Promotion campaigns 公園的促銷宣傳活動
Q4.3 Promotion of seasonal events公園的節日推廣 (e.g. Halloween 萬聖節哈佬喂)
Q4.4 Facilities of rides 公園的遊戲設施
Q4.5 Opening hours公園的開放時間
Q4.6 Shows公園的表演活動 (i.e.: street entertainment 如:街頭表演)
Will you visit to the Ocean Park within coming 12 months?
在未來十二個月內, 你會否到訪香港海洋公園?
Q5.1 Which age group do you belong to? 你的年齡組别是?
Q5.2 What is your gender? 你的性別是?
Q5.3 What is your marital status? 你的婚姻狀況是?
Q5.4 How many children do you have? 你有多少名小孩?
Q5.5 What is your educational attainment? 你的學歷程度是?
Q5.6 What is your occupation? 你的職業是?
Q5.7 What is the range of your monthly income? 你的每月入息是?
Q5.8 Which district are you living now? 你現時所居住的區域是?

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