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We are MBA students at Illinois State University. We need your assistance in completing a survey regarding WORKING WOMEN'S OPINIONS OF FACTORS HELPING/HINDERING WOMEN'S CHANCES OF CAREER ADVANCEMENT. The survey will help us meet the requirements for our graduate Research Methodology class. Thus, your participation will be critical to the success of our project. The survey items are short and very simple to respond. It should not take you more than 10 minutes to complete the questionnaire.

Your participation in this study is completely voluntary. Also, your responses will be ANONYMOUS and will be kept STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL.

Please complete the survey by NO LATER THAN MONDAY, NOVEMBER 10.

Thank you very much for your time and support. Please start with the survey now by clicking on the Continue button below.

Please indicate your degree of agreement/disagreement with each of the following questions. Please check a response for each item.
Some people say there is an invisible barrier or a “GLASS CEILING” that hinders or excludes women from advancement to upper management positions. To what extent do you think that such a barrier exists IN TODAY'S AMERICAN BUSINESS WORLD?
To what extent do you feel a “glass ceiling” exists IN YOUR COMPANY?
Do you believe pay inequality exists between males and females with the same credentials IN YOUR PLACE OF EMPLOYMENT?
In what way (if any) would you say your gender has impacted your chances of receiving (or not receiving) a promotion AT YOUR CURRENT WORKPLACE?
Currently, IN YOUR ORGANIZATION, how helpful would you say each of the following factors are in enhancing women’s career advancement?

During your time AT YOUR CURRENT WORKPLACE, how much time have you taken off work for child bearing, child raising, parental care, or similar family responsibilities?
If you have taken time off work for such family responsibilities, to what degree do you feel it has harmed your chances of career advancement?
Do you have (or have had) a MALE mentor in a senior position AT THE PLACE YOU CURRENTLY WORK?
Do you have (or have had) a FEMALE mentor in a senior position AT THE PLACE YOU CURRENTLY WORK?
Is there a corporate mentorship program in place AT YOUR ORGANIZATION?
If your company has a mentorship program, to what degree do you feel women benefit from it?
In your opinion, GENERALLY, how much of an obstacle/impediment to women’s career advancement are each of the following factors? Please use the scale below

Approximately what percent of executive positions in your organization are occupied by women? Please write the number in the box.
How many YEARS have you worked for your CURRENT EMPLOYER?
How many TOTAL YEARS of work experience have you had?
Please indicate the industry in which you are currently employed:
In your opinion, HOW HELPFUL IN GENERAL would each of the following organizational practices be in developing and advancing women's careers?

Please select what age range you are in:
Please indicate your current marital status:
Please select the highest level of formal education you have completed:
Please indicate which of the following best describes your current position:
Please indicate which of the following best describes your organization's size.

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