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A single source of truth for your customer interactions

Practitioners are able to develop a rich set of persona/segmentation data about the customer, listen to the voice of the customer, visually describe the interactions points and make decisions about how to improve the interaction.


Choose the best visualization for your customers experience

There are over 20 different mapping visualization templates available. SuiteCX enables you to use words, iconography and images to create each persona-based map.


Data-driven: Track and measure the impact of customer interactions over time

From high-level overviews of customer lifecycle stages to granular inspections of processes and interactions: The maps are alive with customer data, including sources from:

• Interaction metrics (e.g., NPS, CSAT).
• Big data analytics/ segmentation data.
• Operational data to measure CX performance over time.


Start building more compelling customer journey maps today

Take Customer Journey Mapping to an entirely new level of power, usefulness and value for your business.


Case studies


We worked with Thales technical team to create an integrated solution with multiple touch-points to get deep insights.

  • A real-time feedback model.
  • Identification of promoters, passives and detractors based on NPS.
  • Data. From plane to the cloud.
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With QuestionPro market research tools BMW can conduct market research projects quickly and agilely in-house and with its own resources.

  • Survey creation and translation.
  • Controlled worldwide sample.
  • Data cleansing.
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Using QuestionPro Surveys the MCCA was able to implement Contactless Health Screening that was a simple pop-up activated on a visitors personal device.

  • Survey design and integration.
  • Survey launched just in 2 days.
  • +300 people screened on the first day.
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American Cancer Society

ACS used QuestionPro Communities to move a significant portion of the Cancer Prevention Study (CPS-3) to an online participant portal. They were able to:

  • Modernize the outdated 12-20 page paper survey to shorter but more frequent online survey.
  • Collect information on newly diagnosed cancers.
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The best Customer Journey Mapping software built for your success

SuiteCX by QuestionPro is power-packed with the following:


100% Customizable CJM

Built to easily edit and add your brand data, terminology, icons, and map backgrounds. Plus, we’ll work with you to set SuiteCX to accommodate your process and end goals.


Analyze your customer journey

Data-driven with analytics, metrics and scoring at the IPoint (individual interaction) level to empower your team to measure the progress made immediately and over time.


Consulting Services

Our consulting services help your team design knowledge base of best practices to put you ahead of the competition. In addition, you'll have access to all our online training courses and in-line help features.


Team Collaboration

We’ve incorporated features to support and enhance collaboration within and across teams. For instance, you can easily add notes and commentary for colleagues.


Integrated workflow

The system is integrated in its design. Seamlessly go from experience strategy through precision campaign design in a bit.


Security & Compliance

The SuiteCX platform complies with federal and local regulations, including GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA, Section 508, etc., for worry-free research.


"SuiteCX is a visually compelling tool that’s both powerful and dynamic! For Kimberly-Clark, a global company that is over 100 years old, it took a tool like SuiteCX to help refocus their marketing teams on the consumer."

Aileen Cahill SVP and Client Partner, Merkle