ClinicAI Companions Report

Clinician’s perspective on Generative AI
and the future of healthcare
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Insights of clinicians thoughts on Generative AI in the healthcare industry

As Generative AI revolutionizes healthcare, understanding clinicians' viewpoints is crucial. The ClinicAI Companions report revealed that despite broad optimism about the benefits of the use of Gen AI in healthcare, those on the front lines of delivery have grave concerns about its implementation.

This research gathered insights from 501 U.S. clinicians and was developed by Day One Strategy Ltd, a leader in global strategy and insights, and powered by QuestionPro, a global provider of online survey and research services.

What the guide includes:

  • Balancing optimism with caution: Despite the enthusiasm for Gen AI's capabilities, there's a palpable level of "cautious skepticism" among clinicians about integrating these technologies into healthcare practices.
  • Trust levels among clinicians: A notable divide in trust emerges from the study, a significant portion of clinicians remain careful of Gen AI, with a higher level of distrust compared to those who feel confident in its use.
  • Sense of unpreparedness: The survey highlights a notable unpreparedness among clinicians for integrating Gen AI into healthcare. Additionally, it points out that half of the clinicians believe retraining will be essential to effectively adopt Gen AI once its implementation begins.
  • Regulation and governance: With 60% of clinicians advocating for regulatory oversight, there's a consensus on the need for clear guidelines and governance to ensure the ethical, safe, and effective implementation of Gen AI in healthcare.

About the study:

Study designed by Day One Strategy Ltd, the online fieldwork was conducted by the QuestionPro Research Services team between January 2nd 2024 - January 17th 2024. A total of 501 Clinicians completed the survey (PCPs = 201, Oncologists = 100, Cardiologists = 100 and Endocrinologists = 100). The modeled error estimate for this survey is plus or minus 4 percentage points at a 95% confidence.

About Day One Strategy:

Bringing together technology and human intelligence to drive actionable insights, Day One Strategy is a global strategy, data, and insights firm specializing in healthcare. With a team of healthcare experts, the firm empowers healthcare organizations to navigate the complexities of launching new breakthrough treatments in medicine and digital solutions. For more information about Day One Strategy, please visit:

About QuestionPro:

Founded in 2006, QuestionPro is a global provider of online survey and research services that help companies make better decisions through data. Our fully integrated online platform includes surveys, research & insights, customer experience (CX) and workforce/employee experience software. We additionally offer polling, journey mapping, employee 360s, and data visualization. Our clientele ranges from small businesses to Fortune 100 companies, who rely on us for insights about customers, employees, and the marketplace. With offices in the US, Mexico, Europe, Canada, Japan, the United Arab Emirates, and India, our customers have 24/7 access to highly trained support specialists and engineers. More information is available at

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