Enterprise Survey Software

The QuestionPro Enterprise Edition is best suited for organizations/users seeking a single flexible platform for conducting online surveys and analyzing data.

The QuestionPro Enterprise Edition is ideal for

  • Organizations needing surveying capabilities for 5 - 50+ users/team members.
  • Organizations/users who need to develop complex surveys and data collection systems.
  • Organizations looking to consolidate enterprise feedback on a single platform.
  • Organizations that need to integrate survey data with other enterprise and CRM tools/systems.

The Enterprise Edition comes preloaded with all Team Edition features such as role-based login for employees/users, custom scripting, expert training, premium customer support etc.

In addition, the Enterprise Edition gives you access to the most advanced features of QuestionPro.

Advanced features:

  • 1-Enhanced-servers

    Enhanced serversEnhanced enterprise grade servers for best survey delivery, response collection and analytics performance.

  • 2-Advanced-JavaScript

    Advanced JavaScriptValidate complex questions like flex matrix, conjoint, heatmap etc, where system validations would be limited. Client validation can be easily done so request is not submitted on the server.

  • 3-Single-sign-on

    Single sign-onAllows you to to authenticate and access your QuestionPro account with ease.

  • 5-FTP

    FTP (File Transfer Protocol) syncAllows you to receive periodic reports for any of your surveys to be uploaded to an FTP server of your choice.

  • 6-Webhooks

    Webhooks & Tableau integrationWebhooks allow you to automate customer data transfer in realtime to QuestionPro, using API calls, such that you can send surveys in bulk to your database, even if the data is stored in an external platform such as Tableau.

  • 7-Microsoft

    Microsoft Dynamics integrationConnect easily to Microsoft CRM Dynamics with QuestionPro. Direct Integration with Microsoft Dynamics, enabling sales and customer success.

  • 8-Conjoint

    Conjoint and Max-diff question typeMeasure the opinion of your customers/ consumers/ clients, to make better informed business decisions. Know how important different elements of a consumer/client decisions are using the question types.

  • 9-Import-external-data

    Import external dataImport historical data collected from any software. This data can very easily be imported to QuestionPro.

  • 10-TubePulse

    TubePulse™ dial testingTubePulse™ is our advanced dial testing module. TubePulse enables you to engage the target audience in thoughtful and in-depth discussions to illuminate their potential concerns/ feedback.

  • 11-Heatmap-and-HotSpot

    Heatmap and HotSpot Image testing question typeUsing this question types, you can have your respondents either select areas of their interest from an image or have pre selected areas that they need to rate. Real time analysis are provided on QuestionPro itself to get better insights.

  • 13-Survey-comparison

    Survey comparisonQuestionPro is the only software that allows you to consolidate data from different surveys and analyze it or even compare it against each other.

  • 15-Text-analysis

    Text analysisEnables you to analyze text in open ended questions which require specialized text analysis for meaningful insights.

  • sla-bba

    Custom SLA Open to SLA

  • hippa-fedramp

    HIPPA/ FedrampCompliance for data management. We ensure our clients that the data that is stored or uploaded is HIPPA compliant. The data hosting for all the federal clients are FedRAMP compliant.