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Antigua and Barbuda is a twin-island country located in the Caribbean Sea. It is part of the Lesser Antilles chain and is best known as a tourist destination, especially for its stunning white-sand beaches and turquoise waters. It consists of three islands, Antigua, Barbuda, and Redonda, and has a population of just over 93,000 people. The official language is English and the country is known for its vibrant culture and warm hospitality. It is also home to a wide array of tropical island species, making it a great destination for nature lovers. In 1981, Antigua and Barbuda became an independent nation, and the government has since promoted economic development, good governance, and regional integration. With its thriving tourism industry, beautiful landscapes, and rich cultural heritage, Antigua and Barbuda is an exciting destination for anyone looking for a tropical getaway!

1) The official language of Antigua and Barbuda is:

  • French
  • Spanish
  • English
  • German

2) The main religion in Antigua and Barbuda is:

  • Judaism
  • Hinduism
  • Christianism
  • Buddhism

3) When did Antigua and Barbuda become independent?

  • 1821
  • 1961
  • 1981
  • 1981

4) What is the name of the capital city of Antigua and Barbuda?

  • St. Johns
  • St. Pauls
  • St. Georges
  • St. Marys

5) Antigua and Barbuda is part of which region?

  • South America
  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia

6) What is the official currency of Antigua and Barbuda?

  • Euro
  • U.S. Dollar
  • Canadian Dollar
  • East Caribbean Dollar

7) Antigua and Barbuda is composed of how many islands?

  • 2
  • 5
  • 7
  • 10

8) What is the most populous island in Antigua and Barbuda?

  • Barbuda
  • Antigua
  • Redonda
  • Montserrat

9) What is the name of the highest peak in Antigua and Barbuda?

  • Mount Obama
  • Boggy Peak
  • Antigua Peak
  • Guadeloupe Peak

10) What is the population of Antigua and Barbuda?

  • Over one million
  • Between 500,000 and 1 million
  • Between 200,000 and 500,000
  • Under 200,000

11) What is the major crop grown in Antigua and Barbuda?

  • Coffee
  • Sugarcane
  • Tobacco
  • Rice

12) What is the main type of government in Antigua and Barbuda?

  • Monarchy
  • Constitutional Monarchy
  • Military dictatorship
  • Socialist state

13) In which year was Antigua and Barbuda granted full internal self-governance?

  • 1951
  • 1961
  • 1971
  • 1981

14) What is the main export of Antigua and Barbuda?

  • Tourist services
  • Electronics
  • Sugar
  • Pharmaceuticals

15) What type of climate does Antigua and Barbuda have?

  • Tropical
  • Arid
  • Humid
  • Subarctic

16) Which two countries colonized Antigua and Barbuda?

  • The Netherlands and France
  • Britain and France
  • Britain and The Netherlands
  • The United States and Britain

17) Who is the head of state in Antigua and Barbuda?

  • The Prime Minister
  • The President
  • The Monarch
  • The Governor

18) What is the major industry in Antigua and Barbuda?

  • Fishing
  • Mining
  • Manufacturing
  • Tourism

19) How many national parks are there in Antigua and Barbuda?

  • One
  • Two
  • Three
  • Four

20) What is the capital of Antigua and Barbuda?

  • Bolans
  • Parham
  • Codrington
  • St. Johns

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