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Welcome to Bob's Burger Trivia! Test your knowledge about the iconic Bob's Burgers TV series and the characters that inhabit this beloved universe. Whether you're a fan of the Belcher family, the quirky town of Oceanview or just the funny characters that make up this beloved TV show, we've got trivia questions that will challenge even the most devoted fan. So put on your thinking cap, and challenge yourself to see how much you really know about Bob's Burgers! With questions ranging from easy to hard, you're sure to have a great time playing Bob's Burger Trivia. Good luck!

1) In the Bob's Burgers episode 'Tina-Rannosaurus Wrecks', what was the name of Tina's storyboarded musical?

  • An Incon-Tina-ble Musical
  • A Tina-Tastrophe
  • Tina-tastrophe: A Musical Journey
  • Something Something Musical

2) What is the name of Bob's parents in Bob's Burgers?

  • William and Marjorie
  • Richard and Theresa
  • Steve and Linda
  • Brad and Ruth

3) What type of animal is the pet that Bob and Linda adopt in the episode 'Full Bars'?

  • Cat
  • Fox
  • Raccoon
  • Dog

4) What is the name of the amusement park that the Belchers visit in the episode 'Amateur Night'?

  • Frightland
  • Carnivore Land
  • Funland
  • Sandland

5) In the episode 'Turkey in a Can', what type of holiday dinner does Bob attempt to make?

  • Thanksgiving
  • Easter
  • Christmas
  • Hanukkah

6) In the episode 'The Great Ex-Capades', what type of business does Linda's ex-boyfriend, Tony, open up?

  • A Bagel Shop
  • A Used Bookstore
  • A Bar
  • A Bowling Alley

7) In the episode 'Turkish Delights', what type of dance does Tina compete in?

  • The cha-cha
  • The tango
  • The waltz
  • The polka

8) In the episode 'Boyz 4 Now', what type of business does the Boyz 4 Now band own?

  • An Ice Cream Shop
  • An Auto Repair Shop
  • A Clothing Store
  • A Juice Bar

9) In the episode 'Dr. Yap', what type of animal does Bob mistake for a raccoon in the garden?

  • A Skunk
  • An Opossum
  • A Rat
  • A Mouse

10) In the episode 'The Equestranauts', what type of animal is the purple talking horse that Tina befriends?

  • A Unicorn
  • A Pegasus
  • A Zebra
  • A Llama

11) In the episode 'The Kids Run the Restaurant', what type of restaurant does Bob's kids end up running for the night?

  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • French
  • Mexican

12) In the episode 'Bob Fires the Kids', what type of business does Bob hire a consultant to help with?

  • His Burger Shop
  • His Accounting Office
  • His Carwash
  • His Garden Centre

13) In the episode 'Lil Hard Dad', what type of animal is Tina's science project?

  • A Worm
  • A Mouse
  • A Snake
  • A Lizard

14) In the episode 'Uncle Teddy', what type of business does Teddy open up to compete with Bob's burger shop?

  • A Sandwich Shop
  • A Mexican Restaurant
  • A Hot Dog Stand
  • An Ice Cream Parlor

15) In the episode 'The Oeder Games', what type of competition does Bob enter to determine who will get an extra restaurant parking space?

  • A Pie Eating Contest
  • A Tug-of-War
  • An Arm Wrestling Match
  • A Hot Dog Eating Contest

16) In the episode 'Carpe Museum', what type of museum do the Belcher kids and their friends end up locked in?

  • An Art Museum
  • A Natural History Museum
  • A Science Museum
  • A War Museum

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