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Top 20 most intriguing cartoon trivia questions to ask using LivePolls

Do you love cartoons? Test your knowledge with this exciting cartoon trivia template! From classic cartoons like Tom and Jerry to modern-day favourites like The Simpsons and Spongebob Squarepants, this quiz will test your knowledge of the cartoons you know and love. Whether you remember the catchphrases of your favourite characters, can name iconic cartoon villains, or know your cartoon characters inside and out, take a seat and get ready to show off your cartoon knowledge in this ultimate cartoon trivia template!

1) What is Scooby-Doos catch phrase?

  • “Jinkies!”
  • “Ruh-roh!”
  • “No way!”
  • “Oh yeah!”

2) Who is the fastest mouse in all of Mexico?

  • Speedy Gonzales
  • Mickey Mouse
  • Jerry Mouse
  • Mighty Mouse

3) How many Wonders of the World are there?

  • 2
  • 7
  • 12
  • 22

4) What was the real name of the character Porky Pig?

  • Percy Pig
  • Peter Pig
  • Porkchop Pig
  • Dan Pig

5) Who is Bugs Bunny's arch nemesis?

  • Wile E. Coyote
  • Daffy Duck
  • Yosemite Sam
  • Sylvester the Cat

6) What is the name of the shape-shifting duo from Dexter’s Laboratory?

  • The Brainiacs
  • The Super Heroes
  • The Powerpuff Girls
  • The Magic School Bus

7) What is the name of Tweety Bird's nemesis?

  • Foghorn Leghorn
  • Porky Pig
  • Sylvester the Cat
  • Yosemite Sam

8) What is the name of the cat that is always trying to eat Tom from Tom and Jerry?

  • Mew Mew
  • Spike
  • Sylvester
  • Muffin

9) Who is the voice actor for Winnie the Pooh?

  • Jim Cummings
  • Robin Williams
  • Tom Hanks
  • Tom Kenny

10) What is the name of Spongebob’s best friend?

  • Patrick Star
  • Squidward Tentacles
  • Sandy Cheeks
  • Eugene Krabs

11) What is the name of the shape-shifting alien in Ben 10?

  • The Omnitrix
  • Buzzshock
  • Ghostfreak
  • Grey Matter

12) Who is the creator of the Superman comic book?

  • Stan Lee
  • Jack Kirby
  • Bob Kane
  • Jerry Siegel

13) What is the name of the character who is the ruler of the undersea kingdom of Atlantica in The Little Mermaid?

  • Ariel
  • Ursula
  • King Triton
  • Sebastian

14) What year was the first Disney animated feature film released?

  • 1923
  • 1924
  • 1938
  • 1940

15) Who is the villain in How to Train Your Dragon?

  • Drago Bludvist
  • Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III
  • Stoick the Vast
  • Fishlegs

16) What is the name of the food-crazed orange monster in Monsters Inc?

  • Mike
  • Randall
  • Sulley
  • Boo

17) Who is the protagonist of the show The Simpsons?

  • Marge Simpson
  • Homer Simpson
  • Lisa Simpson
  • Bart Simpson

18) What is the name of the shape-shifting alien from Ben 10?

  • Heatblast
  • Four Arms
  • Diamondhead
  • Wildmutt

19) Who is the Lord of the Rings?

  • Aragorn
  • Frodo
  • Gandalf
  • Sauron

20) Who is the creator of Mickey Mouse?

  • Walt Disney
  • Ub Iwerks
  • Chuck Jones
  • Jack Kirby

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