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Da Nang is a city in central Vietnam. It is known for its stunning beachfront location nestled between the South China Sea, the Han River and the Truong Son Mountains. It is the fifth largest city in Vietnam and is home to over 1 million people. Da Nang is a popular tourist destination, offering a variety of cultural attractions, attractions and activities. The city has become a hub for modern development, offering an array of art galleries, restaurants, markets, nightlife and a beautiful beach. Da Nang is well known for its unique blend of modern and ancient buildings, from the iconic Han River Bridge to the ancient temples scattered around the city. From its stunning golden beaches to its buzzing nightlife, Da Nang is an invigorating and exciting place to visit.

1) What is the highest mountain in Da Nang?

  • Mê Cung
  • Son Tra
  • Hai Van
  • Ngàn Sơn

2) In which year did Da Nang become a city?

  • 1897
  • 1859
  • 1954
  • 1945

3) What is the name of the renowned Buddhist temple in Da Nang?

  • Chùa Ngọc Hải
  • Chùa Thiên Hậu
  • Chùa Pháp Vân
  • Chùa Văn Thoại

4) What is the name of the river that runs through the city of Da Nang?

  • Song Hàn
  • Song Thu
  • Thu Bon
  • Hải Vân

5) What is the name of the highest peak in the Bà Nà Hills?

  • Lăng Cô
  • Tú Sơn
  • Tả Vọng
  • Núi Chữa

6) The Sơn Trà Peninsula is known for its...

  • pristine beaches
  • ancient Buddhist temples
  • exotic wildlife
  • indigenous tribes

7) How many bridges span the Han River?

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4

8) The old city of Hoà Hải is located in which district?

  • Hải Châu
  • Liên Chiểu
  • Ngũ Hành Sơn
  • Sơn Trà

9) What is the name of the most popular beach in Da Nang?

  • Núi Chữa Beach
  • My Khe Beach
  • Non Nước Beach
  • Hải Vân Beach

10) Which of these is NOT one of the five elements of feng shui?

  • Fire
  • Wood
  • Light
  • Water

11) What is the name of the old city gate in Da Nang?

  • Cổng Đông
  • Cổng Tây
  • Cổng Bắc
  • Cổng Nam

12) Where is the famous Marble Mountains located?

  • Hải Châu
  • Ngũ Hành Sơn
  • Liên Chiểu
  • Sơn Trà

13) The solar powered Dragon Bridge is located in which district?

  • Hải Châu
  • Liên Chiểu
  • Ngũ Hành Sơn
  • Sơn Trà

14) What is the local currency of Da Nang?

  • Chong
  • Đồng
  • Vạc
  • Yuan

15) What is the name of the famous Lady Buddha statue in Da Nang?

  • Phật Ái Bà
  • Phật Thích Ca
  • Phật Đức Già
  • Phật Nguyên Từ

16) Which of these is an area not in Da Nang?

  • Lien Chieu
  • My Khe
  • Hai Chau
  • Hoi An

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