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Equitation is the art of horseback riding and includes a variety of disciplines, from recreational riding to more skilled sports such as dressage, show jumping, polo, and eventing. It requires a great deal of expertise to be a competent rider and the practice of proper riding technique is essential to ensure the safety of both horse and rider. Equitation has a long history, dating back to ancient civilizations, but has evolved to become an increasingly popular and competitive sport. With the help of our equitation trivia, put your knowledge of this fascinating and challenging sport to the test and discover more about the challenges and rewards associated with being a successful equestrian.

1) Which of the following is not an element of horsemanship?

  • Sitting deep in the saddle
  • Riding with a stiff upper body
  • Relaxing the lower body
  • Listening to the horse

2) How should the rider's body connect with the saddle?

  • Posting softly
  • Sitting deep
  • Sitting lightly
  • Posting hard

3) How many feet should the rider keep on the stirrups?

  • 3
  • 2
  • 4
  • 1

4) What is the key to turning a horse properly?

  • Pressure
  • Light aids
  • Loud aids
  • Rein contact

5) What should the rider do to assist their horse over a jump?

  • Hold their breath
  • Rise in the stirrups
  • Push with the legs
  • Pull on the reins

6) How does a horse communicate discomfort?

  • By bucking
  • By nodding
  • By prancing
  • By snorting

7) When approaching a jump, what should the rider do?

  • Look ahead
  • Look at the jump
  • Look at the horse
  • Look away

8) What is the best position for the rider when rising to the trot?

  • Sitting deep
  • Posting deeply
  • Standing in the saddle
  • Posting lightly

9) What is the correct hand position for a beginner rider?

  • Open and relaxed
  • Gripping the reins tightly
  • Holding the reins near the bit
  • Wrapping the reins around the hands

10) What is the purpose of the warm-up?

  • To loosen the horse's muscles
  • To tire the horse out
  • To warm the rider up
  • To prep the horse for jumping

11) When en route to a show, how should a rider warm-up the horse?

  • Jog the horse
  • Trot the horse
  • Canter the horse
  • Gallop the horse

12) How should the rider place their legs?

  • Floppy and relaxed
  • Firm and straight
  • Adjustable and comfortable
  • Soft and loose

13) How does the rider counterbalance their horse when jumping?

  • Push with the seat
  • Push with the legs
  • Pull with the reins
  • Pull with the seat

14) What type of aids should the rider use when turning the horse?

  • Soft
  • Hard
  • Loud
  • Steady

15) What is the purpose of the warm-down period?

  • To loosen the horse's muscles
  • To tire the horse out
  • To cool the rider down
  • To prep the horse for jumping

16) What is the difference between a reinback and a turn on the forehand?

  • Reinback turns the horse backwards, turn on forehand turns the horse sideways
  • Reinback turns the horse sideways, turn on forehand turns the horse backwards
  • Reinback turns the horse in a circle, turn on forehand is a straight line
  • Reinback is a straight line, turn on forehand is a circle

17) What should the rider do when their horse refuses a jump?

  • Pull on the reins
  • Kick the horse
  • Push the horse forward
  • Ride calmly over the jump

18) What should the rider do when their horse rears?

  • Kick the horse
  • Pull on the reins
  • Push the horse forward
  • Remain calm and sit quietly

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