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1) What do you call a bear wearing no clothes?

  • A nude-tical bear
  • A bare bear
  • A grizzly nudist
  • A birthday suit bear

2) What did the mother ghost say to her son when he arrived home late?

  • How long have you been out?
  • Have a nice trans-parent evening!
  • Who's been raising Cain?
  • Where have you been boo-hooing?

3) What did the French chef give the hungry monster?

  • A plate of scar-retto
  • A goulash of dread
  • A bowl of vege-fright
  • A platter of fright-meal

4) What did the balloon say to its friend when it couldn't go out?

  • I'm feeling tie-red
  • I'm all filled up
  • I'm not in the mood
  • I'm wind-ed out

5) What did the pirate say when he couldn't find his keys?

  • Where are me parrots?
  • Where did I put me booty?
  • Where's me keys, matey?
  • Where's me treasure map?

6) What did the crook say when he was arrested?

  • I didn't do it
  • Please don't handcuff me
  • I'm a thief, not a murderer
  • I'm innocent, I swear

7) What did the hen say when the fox was chasing her?

  • Cluck, I'm in danger
  • Bawk, I'm being hunted
  • Squawk, save me!
  • Gobble, somebody help!

8) What did the elephant say when it saw its reflection?

  • I'm tusk-ing so cool
  • I'm trun-king up nice
  • I'm stampede stylish
  • I'm looking ele-gant

9) What did the clock say when its battery died?

  • I'm running out of time
  • Tick tock, I'm dead
  • Time's up, I'm out of juice
  • My battery's died, so long

10) What did the detective say when he found the suspect?

  • Gotcha!
  • Crim-inally apprehended
  • Case solved, suspect arrested
  • You're under suspi-cion

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