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Heraklion is the capital and largest city of the Greek island of Crete. Located near the ruins of the Palace of Knossos, it is the urban centre of the island and a popular tourist destination for those seeking a glimpse of the past. With its ancient history, stunning beaches and vibrant culture, Heraklion has something to offer everyone. From exploring the ruins of the Minoan civilisation, to soaking up the sun on the beach or taking part in the exciting nightlife, Heraklion is an ideal destination for those looking for a unique experience. With its mix of traditional and modern, Heraklion is a city that must be experienced to be truly appreciated. Spanning over 4000 years of fascinating history, Heraklion will leave you with memories that will last a lifetime.

1) What is the capital city of Crete?

  • Athens
  • Paphos
  • Rethymnon
  • Heraklion

2) What is the name of Heraklion's famous archaeological museum?

  • Minoan Museum
  • Heraklion Archaeological Museum
  • Minoan Palace Museum
  • Knossos Archaeological Museum

3) What is the name of the Venetian castle in Heraklion?

  • Kasteli Castle
  • Venetian Fortress
  • Koules Fortress
  • White Castle

4) What is the name of the small island located off the coast of Heraklion?

  • Spinalonga
  • Santorini
  • Crete
  • Chania

5) What is the name of the main commercial port in Heraklion?

  • Edremit Port
  • Heraklion Port
  • Piraeus Port
  • Rhodes Port

6) What is the name of the notable beach near Heraklion?

  • Ammoudara Beach
  • Stalis Beach
  • Ligaria Beach
  • Agia Galini Beach

7) What is the name of Heraklion's main square?

  • Eleftherias Square
  • Venizelou Square
  • 25th of August Square
  • 25th of March Square

8) What is the name of Heraklion's main archaeological site?

  • Gortyna
  • Knossos
  • Phaistos
  • Ayia Triada

9) What is the name of the local gastronomic event that takes place each summer in Heraklion?

  • White Nights Festival
  • International Heraklion Food Festival
  • Heraklion Wine Festival
  • Heraklion Beer Festival

10) In what year did Heraklion become the capital of Crete?

  • 1900
  • 1821
  • 1464
  • 1841

11) What is the name of the natural park located north of Heraklion?

  • Lassithi National Park
  • Sitia National Park
  • Psiloritis National Park
  • Samaria National Park

12) What type of transport operates in Heraklion?

  • Metro
  • Tram
  • Bus
  • Cable car

13) What is the name of Heraklion's main international airport?

  • Chania International Airport
  • Mykonos International Airport
  • Thessaloniki International Airport
  • Heraklion International Airport

14) What is the name of the notable Greek poet born in Heraklion?

  • Nikos Kazantzakis
  • Kostis Palamas
  • Constantine Cavafy
  • Odysseas Elytis

15) What is the name of the local theater located in Heraklion?

  • Heraklion City Theater
  • Heraklion Municipal Theater
  • Natural History Museum of Crete
  • Minoan Palace Theater

16) What is the name of the museum located in Heraklion dedicated to Greek author Nikos Kazantzakis?

  • The Kazantzakis Museum
  • The Cretan Museum
  • The Minoan Museum
  • The National Historical Museum

17) What is the name of Heraklion’s most popular shopping street?

  • Eleftherias Street
  • 25th of August Street
  • 25th of March Street
  • Daedalus Street

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