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Welcome to our survey on the differences between management and leadership! We appreciate your participation in this poll, as your insight can help us gain a better understanding on how these two concepts interact and contrast with one another. It is essential to recognize the nuances of management and leadership roles, as different work environments and organizational cultures present unique challenges and opportunities. So, please take a few moments to provide your perspective! By collaborating together, we can gain a more comprehensive view on the intricacies of management and leadership. Thank you!

1) What qualities do you look for in a manager or leader?

  • Clear communication and transparency
  • Strong decision-making skills
  • Empathy and support for team members
  • A combination of these qualities

2) What type of management style do you prefer in a workplace?

  • Autocratic and top-down management
  • Collaborative and democratic management
  • Transformational and inspirational leadership
  • No preference, as long as the management style is effective and efficient

3) What type of leadership development opportunities would you like to see in your workplace?

  • On-the-job training and shadowing
  • Formal leadership workshops and courses
  • Mentorship and coaching opportunities
  • Cross-training and job rotation opportunities

4) What type of feedback do you prefer from your manager or leader?

  • Specific and actionable suggestions
  • Constructive criticism and honest feedback
  • Celebrating successes and strengths
  • Ongoing and regular feedback and coaching

5) What type of support do you prefer from your manager or leader?

  • One-on-one coaching and mentorship
  • Group training and support
  • Self-directed learning and personal development plan
  • Career advancement and skill improvement programs offered by the organization

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