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Marrakesh is a city located in the western region of Morocco, known for its rich cultural history and stunning architecture. Historically, the city was once the capital of Morocco and served as a major cultural and political center of the country. Marrakesh has been described as the “Pearl of the South” due to its location within the beautiful Atlas Mountains, and is home to the iconic Koutoubia Mosque, a traditional marketplace and exquisite gardens among many other attractions. This vibrant city has become increasingly popular among tourists, offering a colorful mix of traditional and modern cultures. Come test your knowledge of Marrakesh in this fun and exciting trivia template!

1) What is the most popular type of music in Marrakesh?

  • Rap
  • Classical
  • Chaabi
  • Reggae

2) What is the name of the major souk (market) in Marrakesh?

  • Souk El Kebir
  • Souk Sebt
  • Souk Ziat
  • Jemaa El-Fna

3) What is the Arabic name for Marrakesh?

  • Makdah
  • Madinat
  • Marahab
  • Marraquesh

4) What type of food is often sold in Marrakesh?

  • Italian
  • Persian
  • Chinese
  • Moroccan

5) In what century was the city of Marrakesh founded?

  • 10th century
  • 12th century
  • 15th century
  • 19th century

6) What type of architectural style characterizes the city of Marrakesh?

  • Gothic
  • Baroque
  • Byzantine
  • Islamic

7) What is the name of a traditional entertainment that is performed in Marrakesh?

  • Quinesa
  • Musralsha
  • Kankobina
  • Gnawa

8) What animal is typically featured in the Jemaa El-Fna Square?

  • Elephants
  • Donkeys
  • Monkeys
  • Lions

9) Which is the major mountain range in the vicinity of Marrakesh?

  • Atlas Mountains
  • High Atlas Mountains
  • Middle Atlas Mountains
  • Jebel Bani Mountains

10) Where is the nearest beach to Marrakesh?

  • Marrakech Beach
  • Agadir Beach
  • Casablanca Beach
  • Rabat Beach

11) What is the local currency of Marrakesh?

  • Euro
  • Dirham
  • Baht
  • Pound

12) What is the official language of Marrakesh?

  • French
  • Spanish
  • Arabic
  • Berber

13) What is the average temperature range in Marrakesh?

  • 30°C to 40°C
  • 10°C to 20°C
  • 15°C to 25°C
  • 0°C to 10°C

14) What is the local religion of Marrakesh?

  • Catholic
  • Protestant
  • Buddhist
  • Islam

15) What is the name of the famous palace complex in Marrakesh?

  • Boucanier Palace
  • Koutoubia Palace
  • La Musée Dar Si Said
  • El Badi Palace

16) What is the name of the largest mosque in Marrakesh?

  • Jmaa El-Fna Mosque
  • Koutoubia Mosque
  • Ali Ben Youssef Mosque
  • Historique Museum Mosque

17) What is the name of the most famous square in Marrakesh?

  • Place Jemaa El-Fna
  • Place Agdal
  • Place de Fes
  • Place des Ferblantiers

18) What is the approximate population of Marrakesh?

  • 1 million
  • 2 million
  • 5 million
  • 10 million

19) What is the traditional color of Marrakesh?

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Yellow

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