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The Marshall Islands is a Micronesian island country located in the western Pacific Ocean. It consists of 29 atolls and 5 major islands and is spread out over an area of approximately 181 square miles. It is an important part of the larger island region known as Micronesia. The Marshall Islands have a long history, first being settled by Micronesian people around 2000 BC. It was first explored by Europeans in 1526 by the Spanish navigator Alvaro de Saavedra. Throughout its history, the Marshall Islands have been impacted by many major events, including World War II and nuclear testing in the 1950s. The nation is still home to a variety of cultures and languages, including the traditional Marshallese culture that covers a range of aspects from food to dance and music. The official languages are English and Marshallese, and the nation is a constitutional republic. The Marshall Islands are known for its rich biodiversity, stunning lagoons and beautiful beaches, making it a popular destination for tourists looking for a tropical escape.

1) What is the capital of the Marshall Islands?

  • Majuro
  • Ujae
  • Ebeye
  • Kwajalein

2) What is the currency of the Marshall Islands?

  • US Dollars
  • Pounds
  • Euros
  • Australian Dollars

3) What color is the traditional men’s clothing of the Marshall Islanders?

  • Red
  • Blue
  • White
  • Brown

4) What is the national animal of the Marshall Islands?

  • Giant Coconut Crab
  • Sea Turtle
  • Fruit Bat
  • Cat

5) What is the most common sport in the Marshall Islands?

  • Baseball
  • Football
  • Volleyball
  • Basketball

6) What type of government does the Marshall Islands have?

  • A constitutional monarchy
  • A constitutional republic
  • A socialist republic
  • A presidential republic

7) What is the main religion of the Marshall Islands?

  • Islam
  • Christianity
  • Buddhism
  • Hinduism

8) What year did the Marshall Islands become an independent country?

  • 1983
  • 1976
  • 1979
  • 1984

9) What ocean is the Marshall Islands in?

  • Pacific Ocean
  • North Atlantic Ocean
  • South Pacific Ocean
  • Indian Ocean

10) How many islands make up the Marshall Islands?

  • 1
  • 9
  • 32
  • 24

11) What is the official language of the Marshall Islands?

  • English
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Marshallese

12) Who is the current president of the Marshall Islands?

  • Hilda Heine
  • Casten Nemra
  • Litokwa Tomeing
  • Jurelang Zedkaia

13) What is the main economic source of the Marshall Islands?

  • Tourism
  • Fishing
  • Mining
  • Forestry

14) What is the name of the highest peak in the Marshall Islands?

  • Patrick Peak
  • Likiep Peak
  • Bikar Atoll
  • Peleliu Peak

15) What is the approximate population of the Marshall Islands?

  • 2 million
  • 55,000
  • 980,000
  • 600,000

16) What was the name of the first United States nuclear test in the Marshall Islands?

  • Bravo
  • Able
  • Charlie
  • Romeo

17) What is the traditional dish of the Marshall Islands?

  • Fish and Chips
  • Roast Beef
  • Coconut Curry
  • Fish Stew

18) What type of economy does the Marshall Islands have?

  • Service economy
  • Mixed experience economy
  • Trade economy
  • Command economy

19) What is the name of the national anthem of the Marshall Islands?

  • Yokwe Salomin
  • Jepilpilin ke Ejukaan
  • Kommol Tata
  • Marshallese March

20) What is the largest island in the Marshall Islands?

  • Ebon
  • Bikini Atoll
  • Arno
  • Majuro

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