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1) In linguistics, what does the abbreviation 'SVO' stand for?

  • Subject Voice Object
  • Subject Verb Object
  • Subject Verb Operator
  • Subject Voice Output

2) What does the phrase "ad infinitum" mean?

  • Never ending
  • Too big
  • Always changing
  • Without limit

3) What is the meaning of the Latin phrase "carpe diem"?

  • Seize the day
  • Let go of the day
  • Cherish the day
  • Look into the day

4) What is the meaning of the expression "deja vu"?

  • Sense of familiarity
  • Feeling of dread
  • Sense of fear
  • Feeling of excitement

5) What is the meaning of the phrase "sine qua non"?

  • Essential
  • Unimportant
  • Obscure
  • Unnecessary

6) What does the phrase "habeas corpus" mean?

  • Right to travel
  • Right to life
  • Right to vote
  • Right to a fair trial

7) What does the phrase "ipso facto" mean?

  • Through this fact
  • As a result of fact
  • Through these facts
  • As a result of these facts

8) What is the meaning of the phrase "status quo"?

  • Current position
  • Same again
  • Returning to the past
  • Never changing

9) What does the phrase "nil desperandum" mean?

  • Never fear
  • Never give up
  • Never despair
  • Never surrender

10) What is the meaning of the term "persona non grata"?

  • Unwelcome person
  • Unappealing person
  • Unpleasant person
  • Unrecognized person

11) What does the phrase "cabal" mean?

  • Group of people
  • Group of followers
  • Group of conspirators
  • Group of politicians

12) What is the meaning of the term "fiat lux"?

  • Let there be joy
  • Let there be darkness
  • Let there be light
  • Let there be peace

13) What does the phrase "uberrimae fidei" mean?

  • Utmost trust
  • Utmost good
  • Utmost faith
  • Utmost sincerity

14) What is the meaning of the expression "veni vidi vici"?

  • I fight conquer and win
  • I came I saw I conquered
  • I saw fought and won
  • I saw conquered and won

15) What does the phrase "ergo" mean?

  • Moreover
  • Therefore
  • Consequently
  • Subsequently

16) What is the meaning of the phrase "non sequitur"?

  • Not necessary
  • Does not follow
  • Not appropriate
  • Unrelated

17) What does the phrase "tabula rasa" mean?

  • Blank mind
  • Blank soul
  • Blank slate
  • Blank paper

18) What is the meaning of the phrase "panem et circenses"?

  • Bread and wine
  • Bread and circuses
  • Wheat and circuses
  • Wheat and wine

19) What does the phrase "hic sunt dracones" mean?

  • Here are dragons
  • Here are strangers
  • Here are mountains
  • Here be monsters

20) What is the meaning of the expression "sine die"?

  • No day
  • Without reason
  • Without end
  • Without date

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