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Welcome to Netflix Quest, the ultimate trivia challenge for die-hard Netflix fans! We've scoured the Netflix library and come up with some of the most exciting, challenging, and entertaining questions to test your knowledge. From classic movies to modern-day series and cult favorites, we've got it all. See how well you can answer questions about the shows and movies that make up the Netflix experience. Good luck and start your Netflix Quest today!

1) What is the name of the Queen of England in the Netflix show The Crown?

  • Lady Eliza
  • Queen Elizabeth
  • Queen Jane
  • Queen Elizabeth II

2) In the Netflix show Stranger Things, which animal does Eleven have a strong bond with?

  • Cat
  • Snake
  • Dog
  • Rabbit

3) In the Netflix show Never Have I Ever, what is the name of Devi's best friend?

  • Eleanor
  • Lee
  • Fabiola
  • Kamala

4) In the Netflix show Big Mouth, what is the name of the school principal?

  • Principal Healy
  • Principal Evans
  • Principal Anderson
  • Principal Miller

5) In the Netflix show Lucifer, what city does the show take place in?

  • New York
  • Los Angeles
  • San Francisco
  • Chicago

6) In the Netflix show Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, what state does the show take place in?

  • California
  • New York
  • Illinois
  • Florida

7) In the Netflix original movie The Princess Switch, two princesses switch places. What is the name of the second princess?

  • Isabella
  • Margaret
  • Stephanie
  • Olivia

8) In the Netflix show Big Mouth, what is the name of the hormone monster?

  • Maury
  • Maurice
  • Morrie
  • Morey

9) In the Netflix show Mindhunter, what is the name of the serial killer who hosts Holden and Bill?

  • Edmund Kemper
  • David Berkowitz
  • Ted Bundy
  • Charles Manson

10) In the Netflix show Lost in Space, what is the name of the Robinson family's robot?

  • Max
  • Toby
  • Mark
  • Robot

11) In the Netflix show The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, what kind of creature is Salem?

  • Cat
  • Demon
  • Dog
  • Dragon

12) In the Netflix movie The King, what country was King Henry V the ruler of?

  • Norway
  • Scotland
  • France
  • England

13) In the Netflix show Elite, what is the name of the school the students attend?

  • Las Encinas Boarding School
  • High School Santa Cruz
  • Elitist Academy
  • Corona Preparatory School

14) In the Netflix show Orange is the New Black, what is the name of the prison?

  • Litchfield Penitentiary
  • Woodbury Correctional Facility
  • Dawson Women's Prison
  • Springfield Correctional Facility

15) In the Netflix show Queer Eye, how many experts are part of the Fab 5?

  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6

16) In the Netflix show Grace and Frankie, what is the name of the company Grace and Frankie started together?

  • Vybrant
  • RestArt
  • Fab5
  • Solstice

17) In the Netflix show Sex Education, what is the name of the school Otis and Maeve attend?

  • Moordale High School
  • Rosewood High School
  • Beacon Hills High School
  • Greendale High School

18) In the Netflix show Ozark, what is the name of Marty and Wendy's daughter?

  • Rachel
  • Charlotte
  • Jessica
  • Sarah

19) In the Netflix show The Haunting of Hill House, what is the name of the youngest house of the family?

  • Theo
  • Nell
  • Steven
  • Luke

20) In the Netflix show BoJack Horseman, what is the name of Bojack's cat?

  • Dennis
  • Mr. Peanutbutter
  • Todd
  • Secretariat

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