LivePolls New logo design Poll questions

Top 10 most intriguing New logo design poll questions to ask using LivePolls

Welcome to our “New Logo Design” poll! Your feedback is extremely important to us, and we look forward to hearing your thoughts. In this poll, we want to know what kind of logo design you think would best represent our company. With your help, we hope to create a logo that captures our core values, and resonates with our audience. We value your time and expertise, so thank you for taking the time to complete this poll and share your opinions with us. Together, we can create something exceptional!

1) What is the most important factor when choosing a new logo?

  • Brand identity
  • Aesthetics
  • Ease of recognition
  • Tradition

2) How much time and effort will you put into creating a new logo?

  • A lot
  • Some
  • Minimal
  • None

3) What style of logo do you prefer?

  • Iconic/Symbolic
  • Wordmark/Lettermark
  • Combination Mark
  • Abstract

4) What color palette do you prefer for your logo?

  • Bright and bold
  • Muted and neutral
  • Dynamic and vibrant
  • Simple and classic

5) What kind of imagery do you want to see in your logo?

  • Abstract shapes
  • Animals or nature
  • Objects or symbols
  • None

6) What is the target audience for your new logo?

  • Youth
  • Adults
  • Senior citizens
  • All ages

7) What kind of message do you want your new logo to convey?

  • Fun and playful
  • Serious and professional
  • Creative and innovative
  • Trustworthy and reliable

8) Do you have a specific font in mind for your new logo?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Don't know
  • Open to suggestions

9) How important is your new logo to be easily recognizable in various sizes?

  • Very important
  • Somewhat important
  • Not important
  • Not sure

10) Will you use the new logo in various mediums (print, digital, etc.)?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Sometimes
  • Not sure

Top 3 reasons to use our free New logo design Poll Template

1) Quickly collect feedback from team members and stakeholders on logo design options and make better informed decisions.

2) Create an interesting and engaging way to collaborate on design ideas.

3) Understand how design elements are perceived by different audiences to inform the final logo design.