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The Philippines is a fascinating country with a rich cultural heritage, vibrant colors and a diverse landscape. Located in Southeast Asia, the Philippines is made up of over 7,000 islands. From lush rainforests to beautiful beaches, the Philippines is a paradise for anyone looking to explore the outdoors. It is also home to vibrant cities and bustling nightlife, making it a great destination for travelers seeking both adventure and relaxation. The Filipino people are known for their friendly and hospitable nature, making it easy to make friends in the Philippines. With its rich culture, beautiful scenery and welcoming locals, the Philippines is truly a wonderful place to visit. Try your luck at this Philippines trivia template to learn more about this incredible country!

1) What is the official language of the Philippines?

  • Spanish
  • Tagalog
  • English
  • Filipino

2) What is the Philippine currency?

  • Euro
  • Dollar
  • Peso
  • Yen

3) What is the capital of the Philippines?

  • Cebu City
  • Davao City
  • Manila
  • Iloilo City

4) What type of government does the Philippines have?

  • Communist
  • Republic
  • Monarchy
  • Federation

5) What is the second-largest island in the Philippines?

  • Luzon
  • Negros
  • Mindanao
  • Palawan

6) What is the national dish of the Philippines?

  • Adobo
  • Kare-kare
  • Sinigang
  • Bicol Express

7) What is the most popular sport in the Philippines?

  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Badminton
  • Volleyball

8) What type of climate does the Philippines have?

  • Desert
  • Tropical
  • Mediterranean
  • Temperate

9) What is the national animal of the Philippines?

  • Bat
  • Carabao
  • Eagle
  • Cat

10) What is the Philippines' national flower?

  • Sampaguita
  • Philippine Orchid
  • Daisy
  • Tulip

11) What is the highest mountain in the Philippines?

  • Mount Pulag
  • Apo Mountain
  • Mount Makiling
  • Mount Apo

12) What is the national anthem of the Philippines?

  • "Bayan Ko"
  • "Lupang Hinirang"
  • "Ako Ay Pilipino"
  • "Ang Pambansang Awit"

13) What is the biggest body of water touching the Philippines?

  • South China Sea
  • East China Sea
  • Philippine Sea
  • Celebes Sea

14) What is the oldest university in Asia?

  • University of the Philippines
  • University of Tokyo
  • National University of Singapore
  • National University of Malaysia

15) What is the national bird of the Philippines?

  • Bat
  • Philippine Eagle
  • Dove
  • Crow

16) What is the official religion of the Philippines?

  • Roman Catholic
  • Protestant
  • Islamic
  • Hinduism

17) What is the Philippine's major exports?

  • Copper
  • Rice
  • Sugar
  • Electronics

18) What is the most spoken language in the Philippines?

  • Spanish
  • Tagalog
  • English
  • Filipino

19) What is the most popular festival in the Philippines?

  • Moriones Festival
  • Sinulog Festival
  • Ati-Atihan Festival
  • Pahiyas Festival

20) What is the name of the Philippines' president?

  • Nguyen Van Thieu
  • Rodrigo Duterte
  • Kim Jong-un
  • Akihito

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