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Ping An is a Chinese financial services company that is headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong province. The company was founded in 1988 and is currently one of the largest insurers in the world. Ping An has a long and successful history, having grown to become the first Chinese company to be listed on the Fortune Global 500 list, as well as the largest insurance group in China. It has expanded its business to include banking, investment, funds, and securities services, as well as digital finance and healthcare services. The company is well-known for its innovative digital products, leveraging the latest in technology to provide personalized services to its customers. With its global presence and focus on technology, Ping An is a driving force in the evolution of China's financial sector. Test your knowledge on Ping An with this trivia template!

1) What is the mission of Ping An?

  • To enrich lives, value customers and promote social progress
  • To bring a better shopping experience
  • To use technology to provide innovative financial services
  • To be a leading technology provider

2) How does Ping An create value for customers?

  • Providing innovative financial services
  • Providing better shopping experience
  • Enhancing health and safety
  • All of the above

3) What is the core technology of the Ping An Good Doctor platform?

  • AI and big data
  • Robotics Automation
  • Financial Technology
  • Online Shopping Technology

4) What is Ping An's ranking among the world's most valuable financial brands?

  • First
  • Second
  • Third
  • Fourth

5) What is Ping An’s vision for technology expansion?

  • To become an integrated global financial enterprise
  • To become a global leader of electronic retail
  • To become a leading data technology provider
  • To become the world’s leader in financial services

6) What is the main goal of Ping An's "One Foundation"?

  • To provide financial education
  • To provide medical assistance
  • To provide financial services
  • To provide community support

7) What areas does Ping An provide comprehensive financial solutions for?

  • Banking, insurance and asset management
  • Insurance, investment and asset management
  • Banking, investment and asset management
  • Banking, insurance and investment

8) What is Ping An's global strategic layout?

  • Financial Services, Technology, Asset Management and Environmental Protection
  • Financial Services, Asset Management, Environment and Technology
  • Technology, Financial Services, Investment and Asset Management
  • Technology, Financial Services, Asset Management and Environment

9) What is the focus of Ping An's “Health & Happiness in Retirement” initiative?

  • To provide financial security
  • To provide health insurance
  • To promote health and happiness
  • To improve retirement planning

10) What industry does Ping An specialize in?

  • Technology
  • Insurance
  • Banking
  • Investment

11) What is the mission of Ping An Cloud?

  • To bring innovative financial services
  • To use technology to drive social progress
  • To provide innovative cloud computing solutions
  • To offer a better shopping experience

12) Who is the current CEO of Ping An Group?

  • Tong Jiang
  • Peter Ma
  • Ma Mingzhe
  • Yue Ma

13) What does “Ping An” mean in Chinese?

  • Safety and security
  • Innovative technology
  • Financial solutions
  • Happiness and well-being

14) What is the main focus of Ping An’s "Technology + Ecology" strategy?

  • To promote a healthy ecosystem
  • To develop innovative technology
  • To provide financial solutions
  • To create a better shopping experience

15) What areas does Ping An focus on when it comes to promoting social progress?

  • Education, health and technology
  • Technology, finance and environment
  • Education, environment and technology
  • Education, finance and health

16) What is the focus of Ping An's "Smart City" initiative?

  • To create smart cities
  • To provide innovative financial services
  • To promote environmental sustainability
  • To use technology to improve customer experience

17) What is the goal of Ping An's "Global Fintech Open" Program?

  • To foster innovation in financial services
  • To create a better shopping experience
  • To provide financial education
  • To promote environmental sustainability

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