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Welcome to our Questions Wedding trivia game! Gather your family and friends and get ready for an entertaining game night. Answer questions about wedding traditions, couples, and special days to test your knowledge about weddings! From proposal stories to cake designs, this trivia game will be sure to keep everyone engaged and entertained. So, let the games begin, and see who's the ultimate wedding trivia expert!

1) Who traditionally proposes in a marriage?

  • The father of the bride
  • The groom
  • Both the bride and groom
  • The couple's closest friend

2) What is the traditional wedding anniversary gift for a 10th anniversary?

  • Paper
  • Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Diamonds

3) What is the significance of a veil in a traditional wedding?

  • To keep away evil spirits
  • To show modesty
  • To symbolize purity
  • To serve as a reminder of the past

4) What is the purpose of a wedding ceremony?

  • To commemorate the union of two people
  • To finalize a betrothal
  • To make a legal decision
  • To bless the couple

5) Who typically pays for a wedding?

  • The couple's parents
  • The couple
  • The bride's family
  • The groom's family

6) Who typically officiates the wedding ceremony?

  • A family member
  • A priest
  • A judge
  • A lawyer

7) What is the traditional wedding music?

  • Jazz
  • Country
  • Classical
  • Pop

8) What is the traditional color of a wedding dress?

  • Red
  • Purple
  • White
  • Blue

9) What is the symbolic meaning of a diamond ring for the groom to give to the bride?

  • A sign of his love and commitment
  • A symbol of their life together
  • A promise of everlasting union
  • To thank the bride for their loyalty

10) What is a "toast" at a wedding?

  • A gift for the couple
  • A blessing from the guests
  • A short speech
  • A tradition to have cake

11) How is a wedding reception traditionally structured?

  • Eat and dance
  • Dinner and dessert
  • Prayer and devotional
  • Cake cutting and toasts

12) What is a unity ceremony?

  • A dance shared by the couple
  • A prayer shared by the couple
  • A symbolic gesture shared by the couple
  • A song shared by the couple

13) What is the symbolic meaning of a bouquet of flowers?

  • A gift of beauty
  • A sign of life
  • A promise of love
  • A sign of fertility

14) What is the traditional wedding cake for?

  • To serve as the main course for the reception
  • To bless the couple
  • To symbolize their new life together
  • To provide a tasty dessert

15) What is the traditional purpose of a garter?

  • To announce the couple's first kiss
  • To symbolize the couple's commitment
  • To provide a tangible reminder of the wedding
  • To ward off evil spirits

16) What is the purpose of a ring in a traditional wedding ceremony?

  • To symbolize the couple's commitment
  • To seal their marriage
  • To represent their everlasting union
  • To honor the couple's families

17) What is the purpose of the "first look" between the bride and groom?

  • To show respect for each other
  • To boost the bride's confidence
  • To secure the couple's bond
  • To make sure they are both happy

18) Which of the following is a traditional wedding dance?

  • The Charleston
  • The Macarena
  • The Waltz
  • The Foxtrot

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