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Rio de Janeiro is one of the most famous and vibrant cities in the world. Situated in the south-east of Brazil, Rio is known for its stunning natural beauty and its friendly people. It is recognized for its stunningly beautiful beaches, breathtaking mountains, lush rainforests, and vibrant culture. Rio de Janeiro has long been an international hub for sports, nightlife, culture, and music. Its annual Carnaval is one of the most famous and exciting events in the world. As the host of the 2016 Summer Olympics, Rio de Janeiro is also a global center for sporting events. With plenty of culture, history, cuisine, natural beauty, and entertainment, Rio de Janeiro has something to offer everyone. Take our Rio de Janeiro trivia quiz to test your knowledge of this incredible city!

1) What is the nickname of Rio de Janeiro?

  • The City of Dreams
  • The Emerald of Brazil
  • The Cidade Maravilhosa
  • The Gateway to South America

2) What year was Rio de Janeiro founded?

  • 1739
  • 1845
  • 1603
  • 1945

3) Rio de Janeiro was originally called what name?

  • Roriño
  • Niterói
  • São Sebastião do Rio de Janeiro
  • São Gonçalo

4) What mountain is the symbol of Rio de Janeiro?

  • Pão de Açúcar
  • Corcovado
  • Pedra da Gávea
  • Sugarloaf

5) What two neighborhoods make up the central region of Rio de Janeiro?

  • Copacabana and Ipanema
  • Corcovado and Copacabana
  • Ipanema and Maracanã
  • Copacabana and Maracanã

6) What is the currency of Brazil?

  • Euro
  • Dollar
  • Peso
  • Real

7) What color is the sand in Copacabana beach?

  • Black
  • Gray
  • White
  • Golden

8) What is the name of Rio de Janeiro's largest favela?

  • Rocinha
  • Complexo do Alemão
  • Vila Kennedy
  • Favela Santa Marta

9) What is the most popular dance in Rio de Janeiro?

  • Samba
  • Maculelê
  • Lambada
  • Forró

10) What is the population of Rio de Janeiro?

  • 18 million
  • 6 million
  • 12 million
  • 4 million

11) What is the name of Rio de Janeiro's world-famous carnival?

  • Banda de Ipanema
  • Carnaval de Salvador
  • Carnaval do Rio
  • Bloco da Praia

12) What is the highest mountain in Rio de Janeiro?

  • Corcovado
  • Pão de Açúcar
  • Pedra da Gávea
  • Sugarloaf

13) What is the official language of Rio de Janeiro?

  • Portuguese
  • Spanish
  • French
  • English

14) What is the iconic symbol of Rio de Janeiro?

  • Sugarloaf Mountain
  • Corcovado Mountain
  • Sunset Beach
  • Maracanã Stadium

15) What is the name of Rio de Janeiro's famous Christ statue?

  • Cristo Redentor
  • Cristo Salvador
  • Cristo Rei
  • Cristo de la Luz

16) What type of climate is found in Rio de Janeiro?

  • Tropical savanna
  • Mediterranean
  • Monsoon
  • Oceanic

17) What is the name of Rio de Janeiro's famous botanical garden?

  • Parque da Cidade
  • Jardim Botânico
  • Parque Natural da Tijuca
  • Parque Nacional da Restinga

18) What is the main mode of transportation in Rio de Janeiro?

  • Car
  • Bus
  • Metro
  • Taxi

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