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Welcome to San Jose trivia! Test your knowledge about the vibrant city of San Jose, California. Here, you'll find facts about its history and development, as well as highlights of its attractions, culture, and cuisine. From the big-time attractions of the world-famous Silicon Valley to the lesser-known specialties of this charming city, you'll gain an appreciation for what San Jose has to offer. Let's learn more about San Jose together and explore all it has to offer!

1) Which is the oldest church in San Jose?

  • Cathedral Basilica of St. Joseph
  • Trinity Episcopal Cathedral
  • Grace Baptist Church
  • Stratford School

2) When was San Jose founded?

  • 1777
  • 1788
  • 1799
  • 1820

3) What is the nickname of San Jose?

  • The Almond City
  • The City of Flowers
  • The Capital of Silicon Valley
  • The Tech Capital of the World

4) What is the name of San Jose’s professional hockey team?

  • San Jose Sharks
  • San Jose Pioneers
  • San Jose Mavericks
  • San Jose Bulldogs

5) What is San Jose’s main airport?

  • San Francisco International Airport
  • Oakland International Airport
  • Sacramento International Airport
  • Norman Y. Mineta San Jose International Airport

6) What is the total area of San Jose?

  • 180.5 sq mi
  • 174.1 sq mi
  • 165.3 sq mi
  • 200.3 sq mi

7) Where is San Jose State University located?

  • Downtown San Jose
  • Palo Alto
  • San Francisco
  • Santa Cruz

8) What is the tallest building in San Jose?

  • The 88
  • San Jose City Hall
  • The Hayes Mansion
  • 111 West Saint John Street

9) What team plays at the Avaya Stadium in San Jose?

  • Oakland Athletics
  • San Francisco 49ers
  • San Jose Earthquakes
  • Golden State Warriors

10) What is the estimated population of San Jose?

  • 1.1 million
  • 1.2 million
  • 800,000
  • 900,000

11) What is the name of the Science and Discovery Museum in San Jose?

  • Tech Museum of Innovation
  • San Jose Museum of Nature
  • The Tech Interactive
  • The Tech Museum of Science

12) What is the name of the art museum in San Jose?

  • San Jose Museum of Art
  • San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art
  • San Jose Art Gallery
  • The Tech Museum of Art

13) What is the name of San Jose’s biggest park?

  • Alum Rock Park
  • Santa Teresa County Park
  • Guadalupe River Park
  • Downtown Park

14) What is the name of San Jose’s performing arts center?

  • Montgomery Theater
  • Civic Center Plaza
  • San Jose Center for the Performing Arts
  • The City National Civic

15) Which one of these is not a professional sports team in San Jose?

  • San Jose Sharks
  • San Jose Quakes
  • San Jose Silver
  • San Jose SaberCats

16) What is the name of San Jose’s professional soccer team?

  • San Jose Earthquakes
  • San Jose Rapiers
  • San Jose Wolves
  • San Jose Stars

17) What is the name of the historic building located in downtown San Jose?

  • Peralta Adobe
  • The Hayes Mansion
  • Mission Santa Clara de Asís
  • Stanford University

18) What is the name of San Jose’s professional basketball team?

  • San Jose Giants
  • San Jose Warriors
  • San Jose Sharks
  • San Jose SaberCats

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