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Welcome to Schitt's Creek Trivia! Test your knowledge of the hit sitcom Schitt's Creek and see how much you know about this beloved show. Featuring questions about characters, quotes, and plotlines, this trivia game will take you on a wild ride through the world of Schitt's Creek. From quirky Rose family antics to Alexis's wild adventures and Moira's outlandish outfits, there's something for every fan of Schitt's Creek. So, get ready to test your knowledge and have some fun!

1) What is the name of Stevie's custom hat she wears?

  • Derby Hat
  • Cowboy Hat
  • Bowler Hat
  • Baker Boy Hat

2) What was the original name of the Hidden Clam?

  • Place of Pies
  • Clam Shack
  • Gizmo's Pub
  • Swimming Hole

3) Who was Alexis dating before Mutt Schitt?

  • David Rose
  • Ted Mullens
  • Roland Schitt
  • Cliff Hudson

4) What is the name of Jocelyn's dog?

  • Darnelle
  • Linda
  • Bryce
  • Frank

5) What is the name of the family-run motel that the Schitts bought?

  • Schitts Motel
  • The Rosebud Inn
  • Moira's Bed and Breakfast
  • The Berry Patch

6) Which of these events actually took place in Schitt's Creek?

  • The Annual Pie-Off
  • The Annual Jamboree
  • The Annual Spelunking Festival
  • The Annual Marathon

7) What is the name of the fictional town near Schitt's Creek?

  • Pemberton
  • Spudville
  • Glimmer Glen
  • Westonburg

8) Who is the mayor of Schitt's Creek?

  • Roland Schitt
  • Teddy Sykes
  • David Rose
  • Johnny Rose

9) What is the name of the local pub where the Schitts often hang out?

  • The Jazzaguy
  • The Cheeky Clam
  • The Joint
  • Bob's Tavern

10) What did Moira refer to Johnny's financial dealings as?

  • TheSchittsville Scheme
  • The Rosebud Arrangement
  • The Schitts Creek Solution
  • The Creek Caper

11) What did Roland make that he put on his head?

  • A hat
  • A wig
  • A bandana
  • A crown

12) Who is the owner of the local real estate agency?

  • Jocelyn Schitt
  • Ted Mullens
  • Ron Corning
  • Johnny Rose

13) What is the name of the local theater that Alexis put on a play at?

  • The Flick
  • The Showplace
  • The Palace
  • The Theater

14) What is the name of the local boat club that Johnny joined?

  • The Creek Club
  • The Creek Yacht Club
  • The Schitts Creek Marina
  • The Schitts Creek Yacht Club

15) What was the name of the bar that Stevie bought?

  • The Jazzaguy
  • The Rosebud
  • The Basilisk
  • The Joint

16) What did Patrick give David as a wedding present?

  • A Pillow
  • A Painting
  • A Watch
  • A Ring

17) What was the name of the 'talk show' that Johnny hosted?

  • The Schitts Creek Show
  • Johnny Rose Live
  • David and Johnny
  • The Moira Rose Show

18) Who is the owner of the video store in Schitt's Creek?

  • Twyla Sands
  • Ronnie Lee
  • Ted Mullens
  • Roland Schitt

19) What did Jocelyn give Moira for Mother's Day?

  • A Necklace
  • A Hat
  • A Watch
  • A Pillow

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