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Speed skating is a thrilling and exciting sport that dates back hundreds of years. It involves a combination of speed, agility, and endurance as skaters race around a track or rink. Speed skating is the fastest form of ice skating and is popular in many countries around the world. It is an Olympic sport, and today there are several different events divided into categories such as short track and long track. In speed skating, competitors race against each other or against the clock in order to achieve the fastest time. It takes intense focus, dedication and skill to be successful, and the sport has grown in popularity over the years. So if you’re looking for a fast-paced challenge on the ice, then speed skating is the perfect way to go! Test your knowledge with our speed skating trivia template to find out how much you know about this unique and thrilling sport.

1) What type of shoes are used in speed skating?

  • Soccer cleats
  • Inline skates
  • Cross Country skates
  • Speed skates

2) When an athlete crosses the finish line, which hand should they hold up?

  • Left hand
  • Right hand
  • Two hands
  • No hands

3) What part of the body is used to push off the ice during speed skating?

  • Shoulders
  • Knees
  • Elbows
  • Feet

4) What type of clothing is worn by speed skaters?

  • Tracksuit
  • Skirt
  • Snow boots
  • Skin suit

5) What surface are speed skaters racing on?

  • Tarmac
  • Rough terrain
  • Ice
  • Snow

6) How do athletes control their speed during speed skating?

  • By taking long strides
  • By centrifugal force
  • By leaning forward
  • By crouching down

7) What country has won the most Olympic speed skating gold medals?

  • Netherlands
  • United States
  • Russia
  • Norway

8) What type of track is used for speed skating events?

  • Oval
  • Straight
  • Zig-zag
  • Round

9) What are the main differences between speed skating and ice skating?

  • Speed skating is more dangerous
  • Speed skating requires more speed
  • Speed skating is more technical
  • Speed skating is more artistic

10) What type of motion is used by speed skaters?

  • Circular
  • Linear
  • Sinusoidal
  • Straight

11) What kind of protective gear is necessary for speed skating?

  • Helmet
  • Knee guards
  • Wrist guards
  • All of the above

12) What is the minimum age to participate in speed skating?

  • 10
  • 12
  • 14
  • 16

13) What type of turn is used by speed skaters to change direction?

  • Curved
  • Angular
  • Circular
  • Straight

14) What type of technique is used by speed skaters to start a race?

  • Sliding
  • Flying
  • Gliding
  • Jumping

15) What foot should athletes lead with during speed skating?

  • Right foot
  • Left foot
  • Alternating feet
  • Both feet

16) How many points is an athlete awarded for finishing first in a speed skating race?

  • 5 points
  • 10 points
  • 15 points
  • 25 points

17) What is the typical distance of a speed skating race?

  • 500 meters
  • 1000 meters
  • 1500 meters
  • 5000 meters

18) What is the average speed of a speed skater?

  • 20 mph
  • 30 mph
  • 40 mph
  • 50 mph

19) What is the maximum number of participants in a speed skating race?

  • 10
  • 20
  • 30
  • 40

20) What type of technique is used to increase speed during speed skating?

  • Stroking
  • Thrusting
  • Gliding
  • Rolling

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