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Squash is a popular racquet sport that is believed to have originated in the United Kingdom during the early 19th century. It is a fast-paced sport that requires skill, strategy and agility. Although it is mostly played as a doubles game, it can also be played as a singles game. Squash is a game of skill and finesse which demands a great deal of physical and mental agility from players. It is played in a four-walled court with a small rubber ball. The objective of the game is to hit the ball in such a way that it cannot be returned by your opponent. Squash is a highly competitive and challenging sport that is gaining in popularity amongst players of all ages and abilities. Whether you are looking for a challenge or just want to have some fun, squash is a great sport to get into. So, come and join the squash craze and become an expert in no time!

1) What is the most common shape of a squash racket?

  • Fan-Shaped
  • Triangle-Shaped
  • Circle-Shaped
  • Oval-Shaped

2) What is the correct way to hold a squash racket?

  • One-Handed
  • Two-Handed
  • Thumb Grip
  • Overhead Grip

3) What is the name of the most commonly used type of squash ball?

  • Double Yellow Dot
  • Single Yellow Dot
  • Double Yellow Line
  • Single Yellow Line

4) What is the purpose of a squash court?

  • To practice basketball
  • To practice volleyball
  • To practice badminton
  • To play squash

5) What is the name of the sport that combines some aspects of squash and racquetball?

  • Squashball
  • Racquetsquash
  • Racquetsquashball
  • Squashracquet

6) How many walls does a standard squash court have?

  • Two
  • Three
  • Four
  • Five

7) What surface is a traditional squash court floor made of?

  • Grass
  • Wood
  • Rubber
  • Concrete

8) How is a squash game usually scored?

  • Best of Three
  • Best of Five
  • First to Five Points
  • First to Ten Points

9) How many squash rackets are used in a game of doubles?

  • Two
  • Three
  • Four
  • Six

10) What type of scoring system is used in professional squash?

  • Point-per-Rally
  • Best of Three
  • Best of Five
  • First to Five Points

11) What type of stroke is a drive shot?

  • Defensive
  • Offensive
  • Volley
  • Drop

12) How many serves does a player get in a game of squash?

  • One
  • Two
  • Three
  • Four

13) What is the highest point value a player can earn in one rally?

  • 1 Point
  • 2 Points
  • 4 Points
  • 6 Points

14) How many games must a player win to win a match?

  • 3 Games
  • 5 Games
  • 7 Games
  • 10 Games

15) What is the maximum number of people who can play in a game of squash?

  • Two
  • Three
  • Four
  • Five

16) What is the circumference of a squash ball?

  • 39.5mm
  • 40.5mm
  • 41.5mm
  • 42.5mm

17) What type of clothing is most commonly worn for squash?

  • Jeans and T-Shirt
  • Sweatpants and Sweatshirt
  • Sports Tights and Tank Top
  • Shorts and T-Shirt

18) What is the speed limit of a squash ball?

  • 40mph
  • 45mph
  • 50mph
  • 55mph

19) What is the maximum length of a squash racket according to the rules of the game?

  • 35cm
  • 40cm
  • 45cm
  • 50cm

20) How is the point value of a rally determined?

  • The receiver scores the point
  • The winner of the rally scores the point
  • The first player to score 11 points wins the rally
  • The first player to score 10 points wins the rally

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