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Surfing is an exhilarating sport that is enjoyed by people all around the world. It is an activity that requires skill and determination, while also providing an opportunity to experience the power of the ocean. Whether you are an advanced surfer or just beginning to learn the basics, there is something to be gained from surfing. Not only is it an enjoyable activity, but participating in surfing can provide an opportunity for physical and mental wellness. Test your knowledge of surfing with our Surfing trivia template and see how much you really know about this exciting sport!

1) What kind of board is used in longboarding?

  • surfboard
  • skateboard
  • wakeboard
  • snowboard

2) How many feet tall was the biggest wave ever surfed?

  • 10 feet
  • 20 feet
  • 30 feet
  • 40 feet

3) Which organization is responsible for regulating competitions?

  • World Surf League
  • International Surfing Association
  • Professional Surfers Association
  • International Skateboarder Association

4) What ocean is generally considered to have the biggest waves?

  • Atlantic Ocean
  • Pacific Ocean
  • Indian Ocean
  • Arctic Ocean

5) What term is used to describe the best position to catch a wave?

  • Drop-in
  • Duck dive
  • Take-off
  • Wipe-out

6) How many surfers are allowed in the same heat of competition?

  • 8
  • 12
  • 16
  • 20

7) What is the name of the biggest international surfing competition?

  • Quiksilver Pro
  • Rip Curl Pro
  • Billabong Pro
  • Volcom Pro

8) What is the standard size for a shortboard?

  • 5 feet
  • 6 feet
  • 7 feet
  • 8 feet

9) Who is considered to be the father of modern surfing?

  • Duke Kahanamoku
  • Mark Richards
  • Greg Noll
  • Kelly Slater

10) What are the most common types of fins used in surfing?

  • twin fins
  • quad fins
  • thruster fins
  • single fins

11) What type of board is typically used for big waves?

  • funboard
  • longboard
  • gun
  • fish

12) What is the term for a wave that breaks in both directions?

  • Closeout
  • Point break
  • Barrel
  • Reversing wave

13) What is the piece of clothing that most surfers wear during a session?

  • Bikini
  • Rashguard
  • Wetsuit
  • T-shirt

14) What is the name of the largest surfing event in the world?

  • Turtle Bay Invitational
  • Mavericks Challenge
  • Rip Curl Pro Puerto Rico
  • Pipeline Masters

15) What is the name of the highest rated wave in the world?

  • Banzai Pipeline
  • Teahupo'o
  • Jaws
  • Cloudbreak

16) What type of wave is most associated with slab surfing?

  • Point break
  • Reef break
  • Beach break
  • River break

17) What kind of board is usually used for beginners?

  • Longboard
  • SUP board
  • Funboard
  • Shortboard

18) What type of maneuver is when a surfer rides a wave backwards?

  • Aerial
  • Cutback
  • Revert
  • Floater

19) What is the term for when there are no waves?

  • High tide
  • Low tide
  • Glass-off
  • Offshore

20) Who is considered to be the most successful competitive surfer in history?

  • Andy Irons
  • Mick Fanning
  • Layne Beachley
  • Kelly Slater

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