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Welcome to the Tamaulipas trivia template! Tamaulipas is a state in the northeast region of Mexico, bordering the U.S. state of Texas. It is the home of the Huastec and Nahua peoples, and its name comes from the Huastec tamaholipam meaning 'mountain of corn.' Tamaulipas is a land of diversity, with cities like Ciudad Victoria, Matamoros, Nuevo Laredo, and Reynosa. This state is also home to many wildlife parks featuring diverse ecosystems. With its coastal cities, desert sands, and mountains, Tamaulipas is a unique place to explore. Test your knowledge of the state's rich history, culture, and geography with this Tamaulipas trivia template.

1) What is the capital of Tamaulipas?

  • Matamoros
  • Ciudad Victoria
  • Reynosa
  • Monterrey

2) What is the official language of Tamaulipas?

  • English
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Nahuatl

3) What is the state bird of Tamaulipas?

  • Golden Eagle
  • Texas Horned Lizard
  • Roadrunner
  • White-Winged Dove

4) What river runs through Tamaulipas?

  • Rio Grande
  • Conchos River
  • Pánuco River
  • Río San Juan

5) Which of these Mexican states does not border Tamaulipas?

  • Coahuila
  • Nuevo Leon
  • Chihuahua
  • Durango

6) What is the state flower of Tamaulipas?

  • Dahlia
  • Cactus Flower
  • Bluebonnet
  • Magnolia

7) What is the population of Tamaulipas?

  • 5 million
  • 2 million
  • 7 million
  • 3 million

8) What is the economic capital of Tamaulipas?

  • Ciudad Victoria
  • Victoria
  • Reynosa
  • Matamoros

9) What is the governor of Tamaulipas?

  • Manuel González Flores
  • Rodrigo Medina de la Cruz
  • Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca
  • Antonio García Cabeza de Vaca

10) What is the state dessert of Tamaulipas?

  • Mareños
  • Churros
  • Arroz con Leche
  • Pambazos

11) What is the state tree of Tamaulipas?

  • Pinyon Pine
  • Mexican Gobernadora
  • Cottonwood
  • Yabarana

12) What is the largest city in Tamaulipas?

  • Ciudad Mante
  • Ciudad Victoria
  • Ciudad Reynosa
  • Matamoros

13) What is the state sport of Tamaulipas?

  • Football
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Bullfighting

14) What is the oldest city in Tamaulipas?

  • Ciudad Mante
  • Ciudad Reynosa
  • Ciudad Madero
  • Ciudad Victoria

15) What is the state animal of Tamaulipas?

  • Bobcat
  • Coyote
  • Ocelot
  • Jaguar

16) What is the population density of Tamaulipas?

  • 60 people/km2
  • 80 people/km2
  • 55 people/km2
  • 45 people/km2

17) What is the largest body of water in Tamaulipas?

  • Gulf of Mexico
  • Gulf of Paria
  • Lake Aricota
  • Lake Metztitlán

18) What is the state fish of Tamaulipas?

  • Bluegill
  • Carp
  • Tarpon
  • Roosterfish

19) What is the state insect of Tamaulipas?

  • Monarch Butterfly
  • Blue Morpho Butterfly
  • Golden Bowerbird
  • Tarantula

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