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Welcome to The Office Questions Trivia Night! This is your chance to show off your knowledge of all things Michael, Dwight, and the rest of the Dunder Mifflin family. Get ready to test your knowledge of the best TV show of all time. Challenge your friends to see who knows the most about the show and have a great time. So grab your packet, grab some snacks, and get ready to find out who is the ultimate Office fan. Let's get started!

1) What is the name of the documentary crew that came to film at Dunder Mifflin Scranton in Season 1?

  • The Random Acts of Documentary
  • The Office Documentarians
  • The Real Life Documentarians
  • The Camera Folks

2) What is the name of the politician running for office against Robert Lipton in Season 5?

  • Tracy Flick
  • Robert California
  • David Wallace
  • Andy Bernard

3) What is Stanley’s catchphrase that he often says when an idea or suggestion is made?

  • "That sounds like a marvelous idea!"
  • "Oh, joy!"
  • "Twice as much work, half as much pay!"
  • "No way!"

4) What is the name of the documentary that Jim and Pam made for the receptionist job in Season 3?

  • The Office Documentary
  • Threat Level Midnight
  • The Pam Beesly Story
  • The Scranton Strangler

5) What is the name of Pam’s art school in New York City?

  • Pratt Institute
  • MOMA Art Institute
  • School of Visual Arts
  • Rutgers University

6) Who is Dwight Schrute’s nemesis?

  • Michael Scott
  • Toby Flenderson
  • Angela Martin
  • Andy Bernard

7) What is Jim’s middle name?

  • Morris
  • Halpert
  • Jacob
  • Krasinski

8) What is the name of the company Michael buys in Season 5?

  • The Michael Scott Paper Company
  • The Scranton Stranglers
  • Dunder Mifflin Infinity
  • Dundie International

9) What day does Michael Scott’s Dundies awards celebration take place?

  • Valentine’s Day
  • St. Patrick’s Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas

10) What is the name of the cocktail Dwight’s sister created for his wedding in Season 9?

  • The Champagne Punch
  • The Schrute Buck
  • The Vodka Fizz
  • The Beetini

11) In Season 2, what video game do Jim and Dwight compete against each other in?

  • Mario Kart
  • The Sims
  • Grand Theft Auto
  • Call of Duty

12) What is the title of the musical Dwight makes in Season 7 to commemorate his friendships with Jim and Michael?

  • The Ballad of Dwight Schrute
  • Michael and the Scranton Strangler
  • The Farm
  • The Dueling Accountants

13) What is the name of the man that Pam found an old answering machine tape of in Season 9?

  • Roy Anderson
  • Brian
  • Bob Vance
  • Dan

14) What type of company does Robert Lipton portray in a mock commercial in Season 5?

  • A pet store
  • A car dealership
  • A mattress company
  • A fast food restaurant

15) What is the name of the casino that Michael, Dwight, and Andy visit in Season 3?

  • The Villa
  • The Flamingo
  • The Dunder
  • The Venetian

16) What is the name of the company that bought Dunder Mifflin in Season 3?

  • Rabies Solutions
  • Sabre
  • Lipton Enterprises

17) What kind of sandwiches does Michael make for a surprise office lunch in Season 4?

  • Brie and pear
  • PB&J
  • Ham and cheese
  • Tuna salad

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