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Tlaxcala is a state located in east-central Mexico. It is bordered by the states of Puebla to the north and east, Veracruz to the south and west, and Hidalgo to the northwest. As one of Mexico’s 31 states, Tlaxcala is also part of Mexico City’s metropolitan area. With a population of over 1.5 million, Tlaxcala is the 14th most populous state in Mexico. The capital is Tlaxcala City and the largest city is Apizaco. Tlaxcala is geographically rich with a combination of highlands and lowlands, as well as a pleasant climate. This combination makes it a great destination for outdoor activities such as hiking, camping and birdwatching. Tlaxcala is also known for its rich and diverse culture. As a result, the state features many historical monuments and archaeological sites, along with museums and other attractions. Tlaxcala’s history is unique in that it played an important role in Mexico’s War of Independence. The state was the birthplace of the independence movement, and famously declared its independence in 1813. Today, Tlaxcala is often called the "cradle of Mexico's liberty" in commemoration of its role in the struggle for independence.

1) Who was the first Spanish explorer to enter present-day Tlaxcala in 1519?

  • Hernán Cortés
  • Diego Velázquez
  • Francisco Hernández de Córdoba
  • Pedro de Alvarado

2) In what year did Tlaxcala become independent?

  • 1546
  • 1519
  • 16th century
  • 1695

3) What is the capital of the Tlaxcala state?

  • Cholula
  • Puebla
  • Tlaxcala
  • Cuernavaca

4) What river flows through Tlaxcala?

  • Rio Grande
  • Atoyac
  • Balsas
  • Grijalva

5) What is the official language of Tlaxcala?

  • Spanish
  • Nahuatl
  • English
  • Mixtec

6) What is the name of the largest lake in Tlaxcala?

  • San Marcos
  • Patzcuaro
  • Tequesquitengo
  • Zempoala

7) What is the name of one of the two volcanoes located in the state of Tlaxcala?

  • Cofre de Perote
  • La Malinche
  • Pico de Orizaba
  • La Malintzin

8) When is the traditional celebration of Tlaxcala Independence Day?

  • November 15
  • May 15
  • April 15
  • December 15

9) Which of the following industries is not a major component of Tlaxcala's economy?

  • Agriculture
  • Automotive
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Tourism

10) What is the average annual temperature in Tlaxcala?

  • 16°C
  • 21°C
  • 26°C
  • 31°C

11) What is the major religion practiced in Tlaxcala?

  • Hinduism
  • Buddhism
  • Roman Catholicism
  • Protestantism

12) What is the most populous city in Tlaxcala state?

  • Apizaco
  • Tlaxcala
  • Huamantla
  • Chiautempan

13) Which of the following festivals is celebrated annually in Tlaxcala?

  • Feria de las Flores
  • Fiesta de San Miguel Arcángel
  • Día de los Muertos
  • Feria Nacional del Mole

14) What is the name of the Tlaxcala football team?

  • UACH F.C.
  • Atletic Zacatepec
  • Tiburones Rojos
  • Tlaxcala F.C.

15) What is the population of Tlaxcala state?

  • 1.7 million
  • 2.7 million
  • 3.7 million
  • 4.7 million

16) What is the name of the highest mountain in the Tlaxcala region?

  • La Malinche
  • Pico de Orizaba
  • La Malintzin
  • Cofre de Perote

17) What is the largest ethnic group in Tlaxcala?

  • Mestizos
  • Nahuas
  • Tlaxcaltecas
  • Mixtecs

18) What is the state flower of Tlaxcala?

  • Magnolia
  • Poppy
  • Dahlia
  • Marigold

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