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Welcome to Union PAC, the ultimate trivia game to test your knowledge of labor unions! This trivia game is designed to challenge your understanding of union history, negotiations, and current affairs. With a wide range of topics from labor movements of the 19th century to more recent events, you're sure to find something that interests you. From debates about contract negotiations and strikes to organizing campaigns, Union PAC will help keep you on the cutting edge of union news. So gather your friends, choose your category, and prepare to test your knowledge of the world of organized labor.

1) What is the primary purpose of a Union PAC?

  • To advance union goals
  • To provide union members with financial advice
  • To mobilize union members to engage in activities
  • To lobby and support candidates

2) What type of committees are affiliated with union PACs?

  • Political action committees
  • Campaign finance committees
  • Political fundraising committees
  • Political donation committees

3) What is the main difference between a federal PAC and a union PAC?

  • A federal PAC is run by unions whereas a union PAC is run by government
  • A federal PAC can make contributions to union campaigns whereas a union PAC can make contributions to federal campaigns
  • A federal PAC can accept unlimited contributions whereas a union PAC must abide by limits set by the Federal Election Commission
  • A federal PAC is regulated by the Federal Election Commission whereas a union PAC is regulated by unions

4) What type of organizations typically form a union PAC?

  • Unions, corporations, and limited liability companies
  • Unions, labor organizations, and trade associations
  • Corporations, limited liability companies, and trade associations
  • Labor organizations, limited liability companies, and trade associations

5) Who is eligible to donate to a union PAC?

  • Members of the union
  • Corporation executives
  • Employees of the union
  • All of the above

6) What is the maximum contribution limit for union PACs?

  • $2,000
  • $5,000
  • $10,000
  • $20,000

7) Who is the primary recipient of union PAC contributions?

  • Political candidates
  • Political parties
  • Political campaigns
  • Political action committees

8) What is the main purpose of union PAC contributions?

  • To influence the outcome of elections
  • To support labor rights initiatives
  • To spread awareness about unions
  • To raise money for union activities

9) What are the main sources of union PAC funds?

  • Contributions from union members
  • Contributions from corporations
  • Contributions from labor organizations
  • Contributions from political parties

10) How do unions use PAC funds?

  • To host fundraisers
  • To lobby on behalf of labor rights
  • To support union-backed candidates
  • To endorse union-friendly political initiatives

11) Who is responsible for ensuring that a union PAC complies with the applicable laws?

  • The union's president
  • The union's treasurer
  • The union's executive board
  • The union's administrative staff

12) What is the first step in creating a union PAC?

  • Establishing a bank account
  • Drafting a mission statement
  • Forming a board of directors
  • Filing with the Federal Election Commission

13) What type of financial disclosure must union PACs make?

  • Quarterly financial reports
  • Semi-annual financial statements
  • Annual financial statements
  • Bi-annual financial reports

14) What type of activities are prohibited for union PACs?

  • Making contributions to independent committees
  • Coordinating activities with candidates
  • Spending funds on non-campaign related expenses
  • Using union funds for political activities

15) What is the most important factor in creating a successful union PAC?

  • Ensuring compliance with the law
  • Motivating union members to donate
  • Developing a sound investment strategy
  • Having the union's endorsement

16) When must union PACs disclose the identity of donors?

  • When donations exceed $25
  • When donations exceed $50
  • When donations exceed $150
  • When donations exceed $200

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