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Welcome to our US history trivia template! Test your knowledge and explore the fascinating past of the United States of America. From the Founding Fathers to the Civil Rights Movement, our template covers centuries of intriguing events and moments in US history. Discover the stories behind key events and personalities, and explore the crucial role they have played in the nation's past. Do you have what it takes to tackle our US history trivia template? Put your knowledge to the test and get ready for a trip back in time!

1) What was the first colony established in 1607 by the Virginia Company?

  • Massachusetts
  • Maine
  • Virginia
  • Georgia

2) Who was the first president of the United States?

  • James Madison
  • Thomas Jefferson
  • George Washington
  • Benjamin Franklin

3) Which amendment to the US Constitution abolished slavery?

  • 8th Amendment
  • 14th Amendment
  • 17th Amendment
  • 20th Amendment

4) Where did the United States gain independence from in 1776?

  • England
  • France
  • Russia
  • Spain

5) What was the cause of the American Civil War?

  • Tariffs
  • Religious Conflict
  • Slavery
  • Women's Rights

6) What did the Louisiana Purchase add to the United States?

  • Florida
  • California
  • Texas
  • Maine

7) What was the name of the first transcontinental railroad completed in 1869?

  • Central Pacific Railroad
  • Northern Pacific Railway
  • Union Pacific Railroad
  • Atlantic and Pacific Railroad

8) Who wrote the Declaration of Independence?

  • Thomas Jefferson
  • George Washington
  • James Madison
  • Benjamin Franklin

9) When did the United States enter World War I?

  • 1914
  • 1915
  • 1916
  • 1917

10) What is the name of the first successful English colony in the New World?

  • Jamestown
  • Roanoke
  • Plymouth
  • New Amsterdam

11) Why did the American Revolutionary War start?

  • Taxation Without Representation
  • Religious Freedom
  • Slavery
  • Women's Rights

12) What city was the site of the signing of the US Constitution?

  • Boston
  • New York City
  • Philadelphia
  • Washington D.C.

13) What did the signing of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo in 1848 mark?

  • The end of the American Revolutionary War
  • The end of the Civil War
  • The end of the War of 1812
  • The end of the Mexican-American War

14) Why did the Japanese attack Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941?

  • To gain control of Hawaii
  • To show the US their military strength
  • To prevent the US from entering World War II
  • To gain access to US resources

15) When was the 19th Amendment to the US Constitution passed, granting women the right to vote?

  • 1912
  • 1919
  • 1920
  • 1926

16) What was the name of the nuclear weapon project during World War II?

  • Manhattan Project
  • Apollo Project
  • Antarctic Project
  • Operation Overlord

17) Who wrote the Star-Spangled Banner?

  • Francis Scott Key
  • Thomas Jefferson
  • John F. Kennedy
  • Abraham Lincoln

18) What was the cause of the Great Depression?

  • Stock market crash
  • Unregulated Banks
  • High Tariffs
  • Unions

19) What event ended American involvement in the Vietnam War?

  • Battle of Saigon
  • Battle of Hue
  • Fall of Saigon
  • Fall of Hanoi

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