CX Industry Analyst Report

SPARK Matrix™: Customer Journey Mapping (CJM) Platform, 2023

This is a full Customer Journey Mapping report, including a detailed analysis of the market dynamics & vendor landscape.

Quadrant Knowledge Solutions defines customer journey mapping as “The visual representation of customers’ experiences throughout their interaction with the organization.” Customer Journey Mapping (CJM) Software is a tool used by organizations to analyze and visualize customer interactions across multiple channels and stages of the buying process. The CJM software enables organizations to analyze customer interactions, identify the touchpoints, as well as help formulate strategies to overcome gaps in the delivery of experience and strategize to align organizational goals with CX strategies. The software provides features such as data analysis, visual mapping capabilities, and collaboration tools, to allow organizations to understand customer experience & identify areas for improvement to enhance customer satisfaction & customer loyalty.

Organizations face various challenges while improving their customer’s journeys. These challenges include a lack of awareness regarding the understanding & implementation of CJM processes and software. Additionally, the presence of an organizational culture that doesn’t focus on data-driven decision-making, lack of accountability or ownership to drive CX initiatives, lack of internal bandwidth, and absence of CX-centric organizational infrastructure also create challenges for improving organizations’ focus on customer experience. These challenges can be overcome by increasing commitment to consistently utilizing customer journey maps and improving accountability or ownership-incentivized use of the customer data.

SuiteCX by QuestionPro provides proprietary features for multiple database backend connection possibilities, analogue & digital space support, customized software workflow & screens, rapid application development by lean teams, customized branding, and more through its SuiteCX CJM platform. The company provides a multi-dimensional platform that supports key applications comprising mapping, orchestration design, campaign/UX, and diagnostics, which are offered as a PaaS model. With robust, intuitive visualization and analysis functionality to design & plan CX strategies efficiently, SuiteCX helps users design & deliver compelling experiences and value.

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