Conference Feedback & Evaluation Survey Questions + Sample Questionnaire Template

Conference Feedback survey questions and sample questionnaire template for post conference evaluation, can be used to capture critical feedback from conference attendees in order to evaluate the effectiveness and performance of any conference or event. These post conference survey questions also includes speaker evaluation questions to understand the effectiveness and interest of the attendees based on the keynote speakers. Use this conference survey template to create an effective conference feedback form which can be completed online or offline, including mobile kiosks, for a complete, end to end, conference evaluation based responses from attendees. You can also use these feedback form questions for events to collect feedback on any type of conference or seminar and understand the scope of improvement.

Considering your complete experience at the [event name], how likely would you be to recommend this event to a friend or colleague?
«Very UnlikelyVery Likely»

Please indicate your overall satisfaction with the following aspects of the conference:
Very Satisfied Somewhat Satisfied Neutral Somewhat Dissatisfied Very Dissatisfied
Ease of registration
Conference content / subjects
Food and beverages
Time allocated for discussions
Overall conference experience

How did you hear or learn about this conference?
Email / Newsletter
Flyer / Brochure (Print)
Event Website
Sales Call
What was your primary goal in attending this conference?
Gaining more subject matter expertise
Business networking
New product / service discovery
New vendor / supplier discovery 


How many external conferences/seminars do you attend, on average, in a year?

Thank you for taking the time to participate in this evaluation.

Conference Feedback Surveys

Seminar Evaluation Survey Template

22 questions

Professionals from various industries are always encouraged to participate in seminar to network with fellow professionals working for different organizations, to polish their skill sets, enhance their communication skills, possess additional confidence and motivation to work harder at the job. QuestionPro’s easy to customize seminar evaluation questionnaire sample template is quite straightforward for you to enter desired question and answer options which are easy and quick for the seminar attendees to fill out. You can analyze the most popular session of the seminar, was there anything that the attendees not appreciate, which factors were impressive and where can the seminar be improved in the future. Ask questions about topics of the seminar, staff in charge, motivational factors to attend the seminar, reason for attending, can be edited and included in the survey from this seminar evaluation template.