Conference Feedback And Evaluation Survey Template

Conference Feedback and Evaluation Questionnaire Survey Template can be used to evaluate the effectiveness and performance characteristic of any conference. It Includes Branching/Skip Logic for Speaker Evaluation Questionnaire and Page Breaks for usability. This survey example can be customized according to type of conference to understand the scope of improvement. You can use this sample survey questionnaire as an example and add your customizations, alongside questions, logic and personalized survey branching, or you can directly use this template in your next survey!


Thank you for taking the time to participate in this conference evaluation. Your comments will enable us to better plan and execute future conferences and tailor them to meet your needs.




How did you hear or learn about this conference?
Sales Call
Conference Web Site
E-mail / Newsletter

Please specify the main reason for attending this conference:
Personal growth & development

Which speaker(s) were you mostly interested in listening to?
Speaker 1
Speaker 2
Speaker 3
Speaker 4


Did the conference fulfill your reason for attending?
Yes -- Absolutely
Yes -- But not to my full extent
What was the most beneficial aspect of the conference?

Would you recommend this conference to others?

Please indicate your overall satisfaction with this conference.
Very Satisfied Somewhat Satisfied Neutral Somewhat Dissatisfied Very Dissatisfied
Conference Content
Registration Process
Food & Beverage

How many external conferences/seminars do you attend, on average, in a year?

Which of the following topics would you be interested in attending a conference on?
Ad Effectiveness
Sponsorship & Event Marketing
Retail Marketing
Sports Marketing
Marketing to 50+
Financial Marketing
Marketing to Teens & Young Adults
Executing Effective Promotions
Maximizing Media
Marketing to the Gay & Lesbian Community

If you know of any colleagues who might be interested in any of these conferences, please provide your colleague's name and company.
What other topics or themes are of interest to you for a conference?
Email Address
Additional Comments

Thank you for taking the time to participate in this evaluation.

Why conduct a Conference Feedback And Evaluation Survey?

A conference feedback and evaluation survey template can be sent out to the participants to get feedback about how did they learn about the conference, reason for attending it, which speakers were they interested in listening, was the conference worth attending or which topic did they like listening to and other such aspects.

  • Irrespective of how experienced an individual is, he/she has to constantly work on being updated with the recent developments in their respective fields, which is why everyone should attend conference.
  • Understanding whether the conference was conducted as per attendees’ expectations or whether it was worth recommending to friends and colleagues can be done by implementing the question examples mentioned in this sample.
  • Conferences have to be a perfect platform to collect knowledge about a particular topic and also to network with peers.
  • Every attendee has something unique to say about their experience at your conference. Each of these feedbacks can be critical for what you do next. A conference feedback and evaluation questionnaire is instrumental for an organizer to understand attendee preferences so that modifications can be done according to their feedback for upcoming conferences.
  • Multiple speakers belonging to multiple industries can be a part of a conference. Obtaining feedback for their performances is also crucial for you to be able to decide whether you can get them onboard for future conferences or not.
  • The questions mentioned in this questionnaire include getting information about reasons for attending the seminar. By understanding what prompted the attendees to be a part of the conference, can help you design better marketing strategies for upcoming seminar according to the trend you observe for this answer.
  • Conferences usually have a theme according to which various topics can be decided which will be covered by the various speakers. Include questions about which topics do the attendees prefer and would they like you to conduct a conference in the future for that particular topic.

Best Uses of Conference Feedback And Evaluation Survey

  • Gather personal details of the attendees such as name, email address, organization they work for future conferences.
  • Understand the areas of the conferences that need to be improved so that the attendees do not have the complaints.
  • Ask questions about whether the attendees will recommend your conference to their network to analyze the scope of success of upcoming conferences.
  • Evaluate whether the main objectives of the conference such as topic coverage, elite speakers etc. were catered to by your company and if not, how and what can you improve.
  • Get insights about competitors by asking and analyzing how good or bad was their experience in comparison to the other conferences they might have attended in the recent past.

Conference Feedback Surveys

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