Survey Templates University Surveys Depression Survey for Students + Sample Questionnaire Template

Depression Survey for Students + Sample Questionnaire Template

The depression survey for students is an in-depth questionnaire that is administered to University and school students to understand their mental health and depression in detail. This sample survey aims to collect feedback about how understanding do the students think the University is on a sensitive topic such as depression. You can use these survey questions to understand the student’s perception of how you tackle depression on college, the ease of getting help and also understand from them, how expensive it is to get help.

Are you feeling the following feelings at the moment?
In the past few months, how often have you felt the following?
Do you have access to the following on campus?
Have you been diagnosed with any of form of depression in the past?
Have you been diagnosed with any form of depression after you started going to this University?
If you feel depressed, you know whom to approach and where to go?
What type of depression were you diagnosed with in the past or currently? Select all that apply:
Please state the frequency at which the following occur in your day-to-day live on campus?
Do you think gentrification is occurring in your University area?
The overall policy on depression in this University is:
Is there any other feedback you would like to provide?