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Food Survey Questions Template

Use the food survey questions template to gather insights on the eating habits of customers. Understand the factors influencing food purchase other than food quality, food shopping preferences, factors governing food shopping, etc.

Which age group do you belong?
What is your gender?
What’s your family’s monthly income?
What type of food do you prefer?
How often do you purchase fresh fruits and vegetables?
Do you prefer preparing food at home over purchasing fast food?
On a scale of 1-10, please rate the below mentioned aspects of food shopping:
Trust in the Brand
Manufacturing Process
Reliable Certification
Others (Specify details)
What are the factors, other than food quality, that influence your food purchase?
Do you have a specific outlet to purchase good quality food products?
Please share with us your level of agreement with each of the mentioned statements:
I make food purchases only according to my knowledge of quality
Food quality is my primary concern while making food purchases
I change shopping outlets based on food quality
I have never bothered about food quality
I conduct a proper market research before I buy something

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