Survey Templates Health Care Surveys 30+ Patient Satisfaction Survey Questions + Sample Questionnaire Template

30+ Patient Satisfaction Survey Questions + Sample Questionnaire Template

This patient satisfaction survey questions template is a sample questionnaire that offers example questions for measuring patient satisfaction from hospitals, clinics, medical institutions, or individual professionals. Researchers can use this ready-made, mobile-friendly sample survey to collect and analyze patient feedback and get insights in real-time.

Our sample clinic patient satisfaction questions provide valuable feedback to healthcare providers. Use this free questionnaire to identify improvement areas and increase their health services' effectiveness. You can also customize our patient feedback survey template as per your needs.

Please take a few minutes to fill out this survey on the relevance and quality of service you have received. {Hospital Name} honors your feedback and the responses will be used to improve our future performance. Thank you for your input.
Are you currently covered under a health insurance plan?
Q2. Please state your level of satisfaction with the process of booking an appointment with your doctor.
Please rate your primary healthcare provider.
Very Satisfied
Very Unsatisfied
Conducting a swift diagnosis
Prescribing medications
Considering your complete experience with our medical facility, how likely would you be to recommend us to a friend or colleague?0 Very Unlikely to 10 Very Likely
Very Unlikely
Very Likely
When requesting an appointment, were you given a chance to see your primary provider?
How long did you have to wait past the appointment time to meet the doctor?
Is the healthcare facility the one you usually visit in case of a health problem?
Since how long have you been visiting this healthcare facility?
In the past year, how frequently did you visit your healthcare facility?
On average, how often do you visit the hospital in a given year?
How often did you receive conflicting information from different medical care professionals at this hospital?
Were you informed about the side effects and adverse symptoms of the medicines prescribed to you?
How satisfied were you with the following during your treatment at our medical facility?
Very Satisfied
Very Unsatisfied
Professionalism of our staff
Hygiene at the medical center
Care provided by medical personnel
Time that a doctor spent with you
Attentiveness towards concerns
Co-ordination between different departments
Were you asked today, if you had seen any health care providers besides us since your last visit?
Do you feel that our work hours are well suited to treat you?
How convenient is our facility’s location for you?
How easy was it to navigate your way across our facility, to your destination with ease?
How would you rate us on the following parameters?
Very Good
Very Poor
Our concern for your privacy and transparency
Quality of service received
Information provided towards leading a healthier life
Do you know about all the healthcare services we offer?
How easy was it to get a follow-up appointment?
After your laboratory test, how many days did it take for you to receive your test results?
Did the pharmacy staff bill your health provider and collect the right deductible from you for your medicines?
Did you find all your prescribed medicines in our pharmacy?
Do you have any other feedback for us?

Top 7 reasons to conduct a patient satisfaction survey

Conducting patient satisfaction surveys is crucial for healthcare providers to evaluate the quality of care they provide to patients. Some reasons to conduct a patient satisfaction survey include:

  1. 1. Improve the quality of services: Hospitals can analyze data collected to understand if the patients feel satisfied with consultation, treatment, doctors, para-medical staff, etc. Patient satisfaction survey forms help institutions and individuals collect honest feedback and log experience data in the systems.
  2. 2. Track patient’s journey: To ensure effective patient care at every point of significant interaction with the medical staff and the institution at large, it is always recommended to conduct patient satisfaction surveys at multiple points of their journey. This enables you to track the low satisfaction points and work on them.
  3. 3. Gather data about patient loyalty: Including a Net Promoter Score question in the questionnaire for patient satisfaction will help you understand their experiences.
  4. 4.Report any ill-treatment by staff members: A patient satisfaction questionnaire template promotes transparency by providing patients a platform to voice their concerns and bring them to the management’s notice.
  5. 5. Effective patient care: By conducting a patient satisfaction survey, medical institutions can analyze the gap between patient demands and their provisions. Medical facilities can improve visibility into their operational efficiency, which can be used to bridge the identified gap.
  6. 6. Offer timely services to patients: 8 out of 10 medical authorities were of the opinion that they attended to all their patients precisely at their respective appointment slots. Whereas almost 50% of patients opined otherwise - they never get called in at their precise appointment time. You can learn more about their waiting times using this example feedback questionnaire.
  7. 7. Gain insights into service quality: A significant sample of patients would prefer visiting a hospital offering clean facilities. The hygiene levels of a hospital reflect quality of service and healthcare.