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University Faculty Satisfaction Survey Template

University Faculty Satisfaction Survey Template by QuestionPro is designed to accommodate questions to collect feedback regarding professor who has taught students during a particular academic year or a semester. In this sample survey template questions related to academic experience, name of the institution, name of professor, course taught by the professor, quality of teaching method is asked. There are a total of 22 questions in this questionnaire that closely talk about skill set and evaluation methods to receive an unbiased feedback.


You are invited to participate to a Professor University Evaluation. The purpose of this questionnaire is to assess the current academic semester/year experience with this professor and it takes approximately 15 minutes to complete. Please take some moments to reflect on each question addressed and try to be as sincere as possible. Your answers will remain confidential and they will be only used in finding ways to improve the professor's work in the future. 

Thank you for your cooperation!
University Name
Your Major:
The name of your professor:
The name of the course taught by this professor that you have participated in this academic semester/year:
Your gender is:
Your current class level is:
Your year of birth is (e.g.., 1996):
How would you evaluate the overall academic experience you had with this professor in our university program?
How would you appreciate the following elements of your academic experience with this professor:
Please share any comments about your level of satisfaction with the elements above. (Optional)
What would you recommend to the professor to improve for this course, in general?