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University Faculty Satisfaction Survey Template

University Faculty Satisfaction Survey template is basically a set of survey questions which can be used to gain insights of the professors' satisfaction towards working for the respective institute or college. A happy group of faculty leads to better teaching and a more involved staff caring for the college and its students. The main motive of conducting a questionnaire such as this is to keep university professors engaged and to appeal to prospective professors. Get in touch with QuestionPro to get a template curated by industry-experts for University Faculty Satisfaction Survey. You can customize the template as per your requirements to get valuable insights for one of the most important pillars that a university relies on.

Considering your complete experience with our university, how likely would you be to recommend our products to a friend or colleague?0 Very Unlikely to 10 Very Likely
Very Unlikely
Very Likely
How satisfied are you with the university's policies? 
At the university, is the teaching curriculum exhaustive?
How well do you get recognized for your accomplishments?
How happy are you with your current salary?
How respectful are your co-workers with each other?
Please tell us, how satisfied are you with the management of your department?
Please tell us about how satisfied are you with the management of your department?
Are the teaching resources easily accessible?
Please share your thoughts and feedback about the university 

Why conduct a University Faculty Satisfaction Survey?

  • This survey enables the university to understand the state of general perception of the faculties teaching at the respective university.
  • By doing so the University can measure various parameters that are either enabling the faculty to work better by feeling motivated or discouraging them to excel towards the methodology of effective teaching.
  • It also helps the university understand the needs of the faculties and the future to-dos for the improvement of the teaching culture.

How should this survey be conducted?

The survey should be drafted with questions that extract information by keeping in mind the simple parameters that can give the most effective measures or understanding of a faculty's feeling towards his work at the University. Questions can be based on the following key parameters:

  • Distribution of workload.
  • Rationality of expectations.
  • University's support in terms of research and investment.
  • Time and space for professional growth.
  • Respect from peer faculties and students.
  • Presence of adequate policies for comfortable teaching culture.
  • Appreciation and recognition.
  • Recreation and collaboration.

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